Old Submission Hub, To Be Closed


Hello all! Thank you for stopping by :slight_smile:. As the title suggests, I want to set aside a primary space for fellow Duelysts to create, collaborate, and share their ideas for new cards. On that emphasis, let’s try to steer away from balance/reworking/meme discussion, and instead steer towards deeper, more diverse waters.

In the interest of readability, I’ll update this initial post with all card submissions that meet the basic guidelines (as listed below).

General Guidelines (Updated 8/24)


  • Rebalance / reworking of pre-existing cards (there are plenty of other topics for that)

  • Memes (same)

  • Other lore, or lore-absurd designs (i.e. please no Harry Potter or anime cards; however, do feel free to use other TCGs as inspiration)

  • Blatantly overpowered designs (I’d recommend referring to pre-existing stat/power distributions as a loose guide; of course, no one should feel afraid to push the limits [I know I certainly will :sweat_smile:] )


  • Use basic wording/grammatical consistency with pre-existing cards (the aim is to make these fan cards feel like they could be included in upcoming Monthlies/Sets)

  • Include basic data (e.g Name, Faction, Cost, Type, Tribe, Attack, Health, etc.)

  • Include brief explanation of design (e.g. inspiration, intended purpose/outcome, possible archetypes/synergies, etc.)


  • Have fun! (this is a friendly, low-stakes opportunity to share, learn, and be creative; be respectful and constructive, build-up rather than break-down).

  • Please use a single post for multiple submissions/responses/critiques (this will vastly improve readability of the topic and allow fellow duelysts to more easily see each others’ designs)!

  • Use the “Hide Details” option for card designs, especially if in multiples (again, this helps improves readability).

Lastly, as a disclaimer, I’m new to this whole topic creation/organization thing. That said, please do not hesitate to leave suggestions/feedback (especially on the basic guidelines and formatting, as I have no idea what I’m doing haha).

Again, my only goal is to give fellow Duelysts a primary space to be creative and share their ideas for a truly phenomenal game. Too often have I found myself astounded at the ideas that players generate, only to see them buried on DuelystDB, reddit, or other topics. No more, I say (haha)! Let the brainstorming begin!

Update 1:

So…haha, I’ve come to realize that I’ve bitten off much more than I can chew in terms of properly maintaining a submission board. Of course, the amount of discussion and card ideas as of now is awesome. To me, it’s indicative of how much a space like this is necessary for our community to bounce ideas and be creative. To that end, I’d like to repurpose this as a general, drafting space for fan cards. Less emphasis on guidelines and whatnot, but I do think they’re overall more helpful than not.

Down the line, should time free up or other forum members want to get together, I’d love if we could organize some form of monthly design contests (with proper polling and even prizes perhaps).

Update 2:

This topic has certainly kicked-off, and I’m thrilled with the level of activity so far. However, from a cursory read through all postings, it is clear that there needs to be a higher priority on organization/guidelines if this topic is to operate smoothly. Otherwise, submissions will be buried and critiques will be dislocated. To that end, here are a few options that come to mind:

  1. Create a new topic for Design Submissions (close this one, create a “fresh” one with more focused guidelines) AND create a new, separate topic for Discussion/Critique of Submissions (thereby creating the much more readable space for both).
  2. Move this topic to reddit, where the response/voting system is much more facilitatory of this type of topic format.

Those are the two main options that come to mind. I will attach a poll below, please cast your vote and/or send me a private message to discuss alternative options. Thank you!

  • Create two separate topics: one for design submissions, one for discussion (response/critique) of designs.
  • Move topic to reddit.
  • Other (please PM me and/or reply below).

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I find it strange that there are no artifacts that benefit from being destroyed in Duelyst. Artifacts that have no effect until they are destroyed are excellent in making aggro decks think before going face and combating artifact removal, which is so common and easy to splash.


Temporal Orb
Vetruvian Artifact
7 mana
when this artifact is destroyed, take an extra turn

An extra turn that your opponent chooses whn to grant to you. The fact that the extra turn effect is delayed makes it a huge investment. Spending 7 mana to do nothing the turn it enters the game should justify the large effect.

Occam’s Razor
Vetruvian Artifact
4 mana
+2 attack, When this artifact is destroyed, Heal your general by the amount of damage dealt to them while this was equipped.

A good way to use Sajj’s BBS without loosing too much health. Compared to Arclyte Regalia, this prevents more damage yet is far less durable.

De Novo
Magmar Artifact
3 mana
When this artifact is destroyed, give your general +3/+3

Magmar generals can use this in the early game to discourage aggression. Once it is broken, then it heals you for a bit while giving you a permanent boost in attack.


Okay, again, I absolutely love your consideration behind a Dying Wish mechanic for Artifacts, as I really do think it would add another layer to calculated aggro. Now, as to the cards themselves:

Temporal Orb

  • Conceptually and thematically, this is fantastic
  • Balance-wise, I instinctually think this is too strong (even at 7 mana), as it can result in an enormous tempo-swing (essentially two full turns with full mana) regardless of when it’s broken (and it can even be broken on player’s turn via Skorn and/or hitting a minion).
  • The “Take an extra turn effect” was apparently a previous design on Time Maelstrom, and that was at 9 mana (not granting you full mana for your first turn)
  • In an attempt to preserve the “swingyness” of the effect (and to really inspire calculated play), here are some alternatives:
  1. Draw to fill your action bar, restore 10 Health to your General.
  2. Destroy ALL minions.
  3. Take control of all enemy minions nearby your General.
  4. Restore your General to full Health.

Occam’s Razor

  • Honestly love everything about this card: it pushes Sajj very well, manages to maintain balance with Regalia, and enables plenty of counterplay. Excellent design.

De Novo

  • Very fair card, well balanced.
  • The Restore 3 Health seems like an “awkward” value.
  • I wonder if there’d be a way to tie-in Faction synergy (e.g. Rebirth, Grow, Ramp, or Draw).

Again, absolutely love the idea of this layered artifact design. It’s genuinely a mechanic I hope to see in future cards!


Faction: Neutral
Type: Structure
Name: Torjan Hrose
Rarity: Epic (due to how situational most of them are)
Description: 5 mana 1/7 with card text: your friendly structure minions can attack and move.
Obviously synergises with Vetruvian, especially with its new cards coming out. Could also make Bastion viable.


Really like the idea of the thread, here are some of my new cards:

Erus Lifebender
Neutral Minion
4 mana
Whenever this minion survives damage, it gains +2 Health.

I like the idea of benfiting survived damage, so I created this minion. If you’re not destroying or dispelling it, it can get pretty annoying.

Silent Vortex
Vetruvian Spell
2 mana
Give all friendly Structures Provoke. Draw a card at the end of your turn.

If a structure is dispelled, it’s pretty useless. But with this spell Structures are creating a new value and synergizing well with the following card…

Sand Architect
Vetruvian Minion
3 mana
Whenever any structure is attacked, deal 2 damage to the enemy General.

Not much to say about this card, synergises well with Silent Vortex.


i like the breaking artifacts mechanic

chains of the shadow
4 mana abyssian artifact
whenever the general takes damage, summon an ash mephyt on a nearby space

ever since i saw shiro puppydragon i always wanted this card too

kuro kittydragon
3 mana 1/6 neutral minion
at the end of your turn, reduce the attack of nearby enemies by 1
(subject to change but i felt it needed more health than shiro to balance the frontline nature of its effect)

i never understood why walls were a vanar only thing

creep vine
3 mana 0/1 abyssian wall
at the end of every turn spawn a creep vine on a random nearby space
dying wish:convert the tile into shadow creep


Attractive Beast
Neutral Minion
3 mana
Pull an allied minion from anywhere to an adjacent space.

Because when you can push, you can pull.

Defensive Turrets
Vetruvian Spell
3 mana
Give your structures “Deal 2 damage to enemies that attack this structure.”

A small way for structures to not be totally helpless.

Neutral Minion
4 mana
Select a tile. When an enemy moves over that tile, they take 3 damage and are stunned.
*Enemies cannot see which tile is selected.

I always found it weird that trap cards didn’t exist.

Argent Lancer
Lyonar Minion
5 mana
Also deals damage to enemies in the square behind the attacked/attacking enemy.

Just seemed kind of logical. Punchthrough is almost always a given ability in tactics style games.

Blood Knight
Neutral Minion
5 mana
This minion gains attack equal to its missing health.

Another simple idea. Power through pain.


while i like the idea of the lancer, that gets a little weird when attacking on a diagonal

the trapmaster would be OP if you targeted the space underneath a minion(or general??). and besides, what would happen if they summoned a minion on that space? it would totally suck if i summoned something with rush or low hp only to have it destroyed immediately.


Card ideas? Let me just get my folder… :wink:

SongHai Minion
3 Mana 2/4
Backstab 1, Units this minion Backstabs are dispelled.

More cool Backstab minions please. It’s a pretty weak tech, but it pumps out consistent utility if it sticks and can neutralize certain disruptive minions such as Taygete and Ironcliffe.

Crystal Purifier
Vetruvian Minion
5 Mana 3/3
Blast, Opening Gambit: Dispel all spaces in front of this minion.

Dispel effects are boring, but necessary. With that in mind, here’s a more interesting dispel effect that plays into the Star’s Fury and Blast mindgames Vetruvian loves.

Spatial Bulwark
Neutral Minion
6 Mana 5/5
Forcefield, Provoke

A pretty normal minion for your opponent to waste resources on. I just want to see Forcefield used more, it’s such a cool effect :smiley: (maybe a little too strong?)

Lyonar Minion
5 Mana 5/1
Forcefield, Rush

5 Mana removal for Lyonar, but no Divine Bond synergy :open_mouth: Again, just playing with the Forcefield mechanics. Hopefully this is balanced (?)

Gamble Tyke
Neutral Minion
4 Mana 3/3
Whenever you replace a card, draw a card.

This card is… well, it’s a gamble to play. More expensive than Mogwai for basically the same effect (draw an additional card per turn)

SongHai Spell
2 Mana
The next 3 times you replace a card, put a Kage Lightning in your action bar.

Basically a 2 Mana Draw 3 with Spellhai synergy that is spread out over multiple replaces. If run with Aethermaster it can be a quick refill for your hand.

Abyssian Spell
3 Mana
Place a copy of the last non-token minion that died in your action bar.

Real necromancy! This one just seems like a nobrainer, plus it can be used to ‘steal’ minions from your opponent. Especially evil when it steals things like Portal Guardian, Snowchaser or Mankantor Warbeast.


Scion’s call
Vetruvian spell
4 mana
Give all friendly dervishes dying wish: put a random scion’s wish spell in your action bar.

The main purpose of this spell is to get a pantheran on the board, also gives zirix some dervish synergy.

Polar drake
Vanar vespyr
4 mana 3/6
At the start of your turn, put a polarity in your action bar.

Because nobody uses polarity nowadays. It’s a Vespyr, so it synergizes with huldra.


risky dice
1 mana neutral spell
randomly replace 3 cards in both players hands

acts as a nice counter to kara and i think we need more replace machanics. might even work as a 0 cost spell or to replace the entire hand.

forcefield generator
3 mana 0/4 lyonar/vetruvian? structure
at the end of your turn nearby friendly minions gain the keyword forcefield

we need more structures AND more forcefield, so why not both. not sure if it would be more lyonar or vetruvian (im thinking vetruvian, but lyonar needs some structures)

oracle of demise
1 mana 1/1 neutral minion
opening gambit: reduce the cost of spells in both players action bars by 1

sort of the opposite of prophet of the white palm with some serious songhai synergy. possible rename to “prophet of the black palm”

the lich king’s throne
7 mana 0/10 abyssian structure
Deathwatch: summon a random non-token minion nearby that has died this game.

This is what REAL necromancy looks like

insidious parasite
1 mana 1/2 neutral minion
dying wish: a random nearby minion transforms into an insidious parasite

imagine the chaos of a minion with the TRUE power of transform


So, for this one I really wanted to take a look at structures with the recent boost in synergy we’ve seen, even if it hasn’t been much.

Neutral Structure
4 Mana
At the start of your turn spawn a Mana Orb on a random tile.

The main idea behind this card was to give mid-cost decks a chance to play a bit more explosively. Both players can ultimately take advantage of this due to the random generation nature, but swarm decks will have better odds of being able to reach the orb first. It makes an excellent remove/despell bait as well, and its 5 health gives it a certain level of longevity, but not a lot if the enemy wants to see it gone. It doesn’t immediately boost game state either, but it can easily help push advantage being a turn ahead on the mana curve. Over all, I can’t say it’s the best card but I wanted to see something that helps with manaramping. Looking back on this I find it similar to Spelljammer in practice.

Healing Spring
Lyonar Structure
4 Mana
At the end of your turn restore 2 health to all nearby minions

As is normal with structures it makes excellent bait, and it can give Lyonar minions more health for obvious plays such as divine bond and the whole whenever a/this minion is healed effects.(not that they really need it). It’s midrange mana cost make it weak to play early, but effective if you have an established board later game. It’s nearby clause also makes it vulnerable to being caught in the fray, but the high health nature of Lyonar means a solid front line could keep it safe, and it would obviously return the favor. Being restored at the end of your turn doesn’t give you free reign to ram hurt minions into the enemy thinking they’ll be safe either, and it makes the enemy more prone to killing something all at once rather than spreading damage.

Archer Tower
Songhai Structure
4 mana
Whenever one of your ranged minions attacks, this unit will also attack that unit.

This card essentially works as a +1 to all ranged minions but helps with things like Forcefield, artifacts, Magmar eggs and other multihit type purposes. The lower health on this structure is there for obvious reasons as this one can be difficult to approach if the ranged deck is working well. Again, similar to my logic for the Lyonar Structure, being a mid cost card it is weaker early on (unless that little heart seeker has been chilling since turn one) but with an established board can be very lethal.

Sparkthrower Obelysk
Vetruvian Structure
5 Mana
(The standard Dervish rush minion summon clause here)
Your Dervish minions can no longer be counter attacked.

The main idea here was make a bigger tower with a bigger skill. Vetruvian is already weak to despell, so this card is no different, but it allows players to buff Sand Howler and Orb Weavers and not worry about them getting sacked off by a ranged minion or rush play so easily after they’ve attacked something. Being that the Wind Dervishes fade away at the end of the turn anyway it doesn’t really impact them unless you need the body to summon something farther away where the enemy used to be before it attacked.

Bloodstone Monument
Abyssian Structure
3 Mana
At the end of your turn, turn a nearby panel into a shadow creep.

This card is meant to be played early and generate shadowcreep quickly. After the re-work, it’s damage stack goes down so this cards main use goes to Obliterate and Nightfiend simply by giving them targets. Nightfiend being a mid-game card might not always have targets with what we’ve seen so far. Being a structure and a once per turn thing leaving it in the back gives you more shadowcreeps for targets, but less impact for early damage. Over all I think it might be an issue if it manages to stack say 3 creeps, then they get off the dying wish for Klaxon and work a couple more creeps in giving obliterate massive damage, but I think that’s the main idea for Obliterate anyways. Is it broken? Potentially, but a quick shutdown can easily burn a turn since it’s a dead body.

Spring of Rebirth
Magmar Structure
3 Mana
Whenever a nearby minion is destroyed it leaves behind an egg.

Immediate distraction from your big names (TAYGETE) and grow minions, and potential restore for some early game and pre-damaged minions. Also a resource for big rushes that leave a lot of minions dead otherwise. The eggs left behind buy you a turn as well if the enemy is preoccupied by them (TAYGETE). It also helps with destruction spells that might otherwise pop big names (TAYGETE) and buffed minions.

Frostbite Pillar
Vanar Structure
3 Mana
At the end of your turn summon a Frost Byte in front of each friendly wall minion.

Frost Bytes are unique to this card’s skill (similar to Fenrir Warmaster) and all have 0/1 Infiltrate: Gain 2/0. They’re a quick way to move infiltrate minions into enemy territory while utilizing walls for keep-away games. At first they’re weak, and easily handled, and if the walls are dealt with they won’t have any summon gates, if the structure is despelled all the better. Easily dispatched but quick swarm since 3 or more can be spawned quickly from wall spells. The summoning restrictions also keep you from swarming too heavily since this more or less acts like Star’s Fury. Slower, but every turn ideally.


bloodmoon alter
3 mana 0/6 abyssian structure
give all friendly minions “dying wish: summon a wraithling on this space”

mana bloom
2 mana neutral spell
reactivate all mana tiles


It would be nice a class of dragons. Some old cards would be placed in this new class as the “Young Flamewing” and “Dragonlark”.

Dragonlark Leader
Neutral "dragon"
3 mana
“Other Dragonlarks you summon this turn gain +1/+1.”

Veteran Flamewing
Neutral "dragon"
7 mana
“Dying Wish: Put a Young Flamewing in your action bar.”

Elder Flamewing
Neutral "dragon"
8 mana
Flying; Provoke;
“Opening Gambit: Summon a Young Flamewing in nearby space.”

Neutral "dragon"
5 mana
“Lower the cost of all Dragons in your action bar by 1.”


brood mother
2 mana 2/3 magmar minion
friendly egg minions are given +0/2

dream dancer
4 mana 2/5 magmar minion
you can replace 2 extra cards every turn

poison weapons
2 mana songhai spell
give a friendly minion backstab (stun)

7 mana 5/5 neutral minion
if this minion kills an enemy minion, steal its effects (buffs, curses, keywords, etc)


I’m so excited for the upcoming cass cards in shim’zar, I had to design some of my own based around shadow creep:

Abyssal Nightmare
0 Mana
Select up to three friendly shadow creep and destroy them. Your next card this turn costs that much less.

The counterpart to darkfire sacrifice, this allows Cass to ramp out large cards at the cost of her board control, in a similar fashion to obliterate (which comboes pretty well with Abyssal Nightmare for a flexible board clear). The limit of three creep is to prevent certain comboes from being overpowered like this card and Klaxon.

Shadow Upheaval
3 mana
Destroy a friendly shadow creep tile and any minion on it.

There needs to be a certain level of risk attached to stepping on a shadow creep. The new shadow creep, which only does one damage, is much less threatening than the current iteration, and needs cards to enforce its controlling nature. Shadow upheaval is perfect for this. It comboes especially well with sphere of darkness for a four mana removal. Note that it can also be used to destroy your own minions, which can be helpful in triggering useful dying wishes, like Un7 or azure horn shaman.

Shadow Teleportation
1 mana
Push a friendly shadow creep tile and any minion on it to any space on the battlefield.
(Clarification: they are pushed together. If no minion is on the tile, it can be pushed to an occupied space)

This card gives Cass another way to control enemies who risk stepping on tiles. It is highly flexible, as it can be used with sphere of darkness as a slightly weaker daemonic lure; or to transport your own minions for surprise damage (similar to lyonar’s magnetize, or songhai mist dragon seal); or with Shadow Upheaval to destroy an enemy minion; or simply as a one damage ping. The element of rearranging your shadow creep to adjust to an updated board adds another dimension of strategic positioning.

Edit: Another idea

Rise and Crawl
9 Mana

Destroy all friendly shadow creep and summon an Abyssal Crawler in each of those spaces.

I was thinking of more ways to interact with shadow creep and I thought of the lovely idea of “raising” each tile into an abyssal crawler. Since each crawler spawns a shadow creep upon death, the cass player essentially moves her entire board of shadow creep to new positions. Of course, this card is incredibly weak to AOE effects, but it still synergizes heavily with deathwatch effects. Intentionally overcosted because, while fun for the cass player, I don’t really want this card to be competitive.


I really like the later two spells. The first I think is fine, just not sure how I feel about it. The destruction spell is by far my favorite though. Certainly better than the 5 drop wraithling maker, in so far as it’s balancing and place on the curve.


I imagine it would just hit the diagonal behind it. Doesn’t seem like a tricky thing.

For the trapmaster, I made sure to say “Moves onto it”. So placing it under something won’t proc it. An enemy has to actually move onto the tile, or you have to move them there somehow.


I absolutely love the idea of archer tower. Because, well, archers. A structure of archers. How cool is that?

It seems a bit weak though, inferior to arrow whistler in most cases, and could use a little buff. How about giving the one-damage ping a splash effect, like a ranged frenzy?

Bloodstone monument has really neat effect, too. Perhaps I’m biased as a cass player. I am concerned about its strength, however. Generating three creeps for three mana is actually pretty weak, especially over three turns; also, those creeps will likely be less effective in controlling the board since it’s more likely this will sit in the back. I’d buff it to two mana and keep its effect as it is.

I really like healing spring too. Nice to see some love for healyonar.


I am not creative and can’t think of a name of Ykir
Vetruvian Artifact
2 Mana
Whenever a tile or unit is dispeled, it instead targets your general.(Possibly dealing 1 damage to your general)

This way you can drop an obelysk and protect it from those nasty dispels. I would hope that it also would absorb ephemeral shroud but I am not sure how exactly that would work. Your opponent can rush down your general to clear the dispel shield, and lightbender automatically dispels 8 spaces so there is still counterplay.