Old player returning, need catching up!


Hi, last time I played this game was over half a year ago. I remember Lyonar decks running things like Martyrdom, Sun Drop Elixir, Keeper of the Vale, etc. I stopped playing because I disliked the RNG direction the devs were pushing with KotV and Jaxi. Lots of things changed since I last quit and I’m trying to catch back up now with all the battle pets and battleborne spells. A lot of people seem to be happy with the current state of the game, so I thought I’d give it a try again.

This is my current deck: http://imgur.com/3clacQx http://imgur.com/x8c2Ljs
I browsed around and put together cards people seemed to be playing nowadays. Could somebody take a look and give me suggestions fixes/ cards to try out?

Lastly, why are cards like Alcuin Lore Master or Twilight Sorcerer no longer played? What happened to Archon Spellbinder, why is the average mana curve for decks so much lower now even though you draw less cards? Other cards that I used to see such as Keeper, Jaxi, Martyrdom, etc. are also gone, have they just fallen out of Meta after nerfs? Thank you for any kind of help!


twilight sorcerer got nerfed, same happend to archon, keeper and jaxi

since shimzar (the new expansion) hit the meta became incredibly fast, so high curved decks tend to perform miserably on ladder

kron is now what keeper was back in the beta (if you can remember), you should play kron in every deck and its safe to carft as i am 100% sure they will need to nerf it

concerning your deck:

  • ironcliffs
  • magnetize
    +3rd kron
    +something else you feel like you need, maybe some draw?


Are Ironcliffs not ran in 3s anymore? I guessing that’s because of Zen’rui and Kron also taking up 5 slot and generally lower mana curves. Is Alduin still a good card? I used to run it in many factions including Lyonar, but with people dropping Martyrdom and Tempest I can see why it’s not as useful anymore. I’m also surprised with how popular Dioltas is, it was really bad back then but is it ran now for synergy with the hero power + divine bond? Also, did Counterplay give everybody prismatic Kron? I had one in my inventory but no recollection of where I got it from.

I’ll try another Kron for sure. Magnetize has not been too impressive so far from my really small sample size at lower ranks haha, I might try another Afterblaze. What do people think of Slo? I tried him because I saw a post on Reddit of somebody who recently won a tournament and said Slo was the best card in the deck. Decks have a lot more variety nowadays, might be just an effect of more cards in the game but I’m definitely liking the variety. Thank you for your help!


matyrdom got nerfed to 3 mana and as the meta is very fast and the better lyonar decks are tempo and aggro, matyrdom just doesnt fit in atm

alcuin isnt good atm because there arent really much spells you would like to get back to your hand i would say

everyone who opend packs before a specific patch got free prismatic cards as “compensation” because you can get prismatic cards from packs

slo is really good in tempolyonar (which is my fav deck atm) , you can suprise your opponents with 4 mana holy immos and slo + bbs is a 3/4 provoke
and a 0 mana 1/4 provoke is always good to have :smiley:

yeah the deck variety definitely increased since the beta!