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Old player, just come back


Hi guys!
The last time that i play duelyst was one year ago.
Ten days ago i restart to play with my old control magmar deck

I am surprised. In ten days i am lv.5 diamond: 43 win, 10 lose, 1 draw
Could you help me to modernize thi decklist???
PS with my spirit points i just bought 3 Homeostatic Rebuke


Your deck is in pretty good shape. I think you need more 2 drops though. A set of Golem Metallurgist should do the trick, and run some Ragebinders at that. As for newer cards, add the Homeostatic Rebukes; they’re filthy. You can also try Saurian Finality if you’re also running Drogon, but they’re expensive. Consider taking out Sunsteel, Tiger, and Thumping Wave, because they got nerfed pretty hard. (Sunsteel may still be pretty decent, so that choice is up to you.) That’s all for my briefing, and welcome back to Duelyst.


If you want you can take a look at this thread, I think it could help:


Thank you guys for your tips. I will try something and i will give you some feedback :slight_smile:


have to say, u will -love- finality

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