Old player, just came back


Hi, I’m a player who ended up losing interest in Duelyst after Shim’Zar, but I’ve decided to come back. There’s a lot of new stuff, and I understand most of the new mechanics. But are there any cards I should be aware of, or other such things? What is in the meta and what is fun? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you…


Hi! :slight_smile: You missed two expansions; Rise of the Bloodborn and Ancient Bonds. Both are mini expansions, they have roughly 50ish card in each set and work differently than Shim’Zar. Each orb is 300 gold but each orb gets you a playable set of 1 of the commons, 1 of rares, and either 1 of the epics or legendaries. Once you get a set you cannot get any duplicates.

Rise of the Bloodborn introduced Blood Surge, pretty much abilities that proc off BBS triggers.

Ancient Bonds introduced support for Arcansyts and Golems. All factions were divided between the two. Songhai, Abyssian, and Vanar are Arcanysts and Vetruvian, Lynor, and Magmar are Golems. The expansion released Bond, pretty much effects that trigger when a minion comes into play as long as a member of the same tribe is on the field.

We recently got a major nerf so not sure about the meta right now. But currently Arcanyst Faie and Midrange Magmar are considered top tier.


The new magmar golems and vanar arcanysts are top tier. There were a bunch of nerfs to new and old cards.

Arcanyst abyssian is kinda gimmicky.
Blood echoes with sarlac and gor is really fun.
Dance of memes and mech decks remain mostly unchanged.
Artifacthai is seen about as often than artifact vet.
Vet can now swarm golems faster than abyss if they get a good hand.
Egg decks are still crap, but theyve got more options now.


Arcanyst Abyssian has won tournaments and destroys most of the ladder rn. TM’s deck might be S Tier after this patch


I wish. It’s 39 cards exactly in both sets. 78 total.


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