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Old Player coming back, haven't been here in a while


For me being THAT popular is synonymous to dominating.


Yeah it pretty much depends on the meaning we give to “dominating”. That’s the faction with the most overtuned cards, and that’s the reason why you see ragnora and starhorn everywhere (i l’m quite sure my matches are 50%, if not more, vs magmar and 50% vs all other factions).

That said, magmar is arguably at the top of the food chain. I personally think that fault, titan wanderer rag an reva are all tier 0,just to name the most popular ones. Not to mention that heal ziran fell out of the meta somehow(or at least i see it very rarely) but it’s definetly still a thing.

Edit: forgot to mention eggmar, but you got the idea anyway


holy shit is eggmar still viable I LOVED EGGMAR


Actually, it’s borderline broken.


when has it honestly not been, the last time i logged on eggmar was supposedly tier B and it was still really strong and playable


It’s a super strong choice, but I doubt it will be as fun to play as it was back when it wasn’t so strong.


wait so last I left, shimzar was rotated out, was it rotated back in if eggmar is still viable??


There are no more rotations anymore, so Magmar gets to keep Inceptor. But the power of current Eggmar mostly relies on how strong the third General is, as well as solid new tools such as Progenitor, Reactor, Raptyr, and Charm.


hmm… I dont really use progenitor in my decks, tho I have two copies… maybe I should try it out


It’s honestly one of my least favorite cards to play against. That bitch should cost 6 mana or something.


yup yup my dude. that’s why everyone was happy(except for dudes who really loved unranked), until the meta got a liiittle bit stale


yeahhhhhh it sucks, but i feel its more of a tempo card than anything, as long as you are ahead a progenitor is normally unplayable


I really hope this game doesn’t die, you guys are the most friendly community of all of E-sports


don’t worry so long as they don’t cut down their server budget any further, we’ll be fine. there’s been a random server downtime every 3 weeks or so, but it gets fixed pretty quickly


Which probably means three more free orbs, yay compensation :grin:


Progenitor is an insane card. T2P1 Young Silithar onto mana tile for Progenitor + Lavalance on central mana tile is often game over :slight_smile:


We also don’t know who the team actually even is anymore at this point. There’s a reason we removed the Dev tag on discord.


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