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Old Player coming back, haven't been here in a while


Hi erryone,

I dont know if anyone remembers me, but I’m back after a long time.

yeah so after I’m done with my Exams, I have decided to give Duelyst another go after a whole damn year, but I’m kinda finding it hard to figure out the current meta, so is there anything that is popular or noteworthy now?

I really wanna get back into the community cus ya’ll are the most friendly and mature gaming community I’ve ever experienced, (not much of a feat tho cus I play LoL and DotA)

so YEAH, I kinda need some help, hope to get to know you guys in the future!! :smile:


Hiya! Yeah, I remember you. You will be receiving lots of help soon, I am sure. :grin:

…not from me, though. I’m not meta savvy.


Meta in general is very mid-range based, still a fair amount of Wanderer though the deck is very beatable by a wide variety of archetypes. Basically if you put the time and energy in right now the meta is pretty much open to most archetypes. :slightly_smiling_face:


I remember you, but I don’t remember whether you left before or after Trials of Mythron + Rerotation.


Just to make sure :wink:



Is this the new DELET thread? giggling right now


To bring you up to date…
-fault vet and wanderer rag are at the top
-we haven,t had any patch for half a year by now
-Q4 content when :roll_eyes:
-delete magmar pls


Welcome back! The meta hasn’t really changed in a year so whatever you were doing then is probably still fine.

If you missed it, the game is likely never getting another update and no longer has a dev team as far as we know, so don’t come back and expect change or new content :slight_smile:


There is still a dev team, we just don’t know what they are doing.


Okay, maybe I need to be more specific.

To the best of the community’s knowledge, there are zero people still working on Duelyst’s development as a game.

But hopefully I can eat those words some day :slight_smile:


To the best of our knowledge, we know nothing in any regard :slight_smile:


We know most if not all of the design team left Duelyst, and to our knowledge haven’t been replaced. We know the game hasn’t gotten an expansion or even an update in what, nearly a year now? I appreciate the positive attitude and I am making some assumptions, but I simply mean that if you come back to Duelyst you shouldn’t expect the game to change.


Hey @d5dr4k3, I’m still waitin’ on that lore entry!


In the absence of information best bet is not to expect anything. I agree.


We do have this recent throwaway line from @yaviey :

(Emphasis mine)

I choose to remain hopeful… :wink:


I don’t expect anything but we don’t know what happens at CPG. Umbrella didn’t leave as an example.


HAHAHA well I haven’t really thought about it for a whole year, but if its still on demand, I don’t mind pumping one out soon :wink:


ah, I see, so I take it Magmar is dominating the scene?


I left JUUUUUUST after the Mythron expansion, so I dont really remember much of the cards or mechanics


The most popular deck is Mag and there’s a number of strong Magmar archetypes but despite being the most popular I wouldn’t argue that it’s dominating things though others may disagree with that view.