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Oh no it's retarded


Has it ever happened to you that you went on a huge win streak with a deck you just mashed together in under 3 minutes or is my deck completely degenerate?
18 win streak wtf


Pretty hard to tell if you don’t provide a link with your deck content … :no_mouth:


I agree, the thread truly is such. It has no link to the deck and it’s a winstreak that started in upper silver.

  1. I just asked if this happened to anyone else, sheesh.
  2. I didn’t brag or anything, I know it isn’t hard to win in silver.
  3. Didn’t mention the deck because the idea of the thread was to compare experience and not to tinker the deck.

  1. Yeah, you’re obviously the first person ever that got on a win streak with a sub par deck.
  2. Okay, whatever you say.
  3. Good idea, let’s compare experiences when you didn’t even fully explain yours.

Please put some more effort into your threads. Thanks.


What even is this thread lol. And the title is just… What


[quote=“zer0billion, post:7, topic:3431, full:true”]And the title is just… What

Actually, the more it goes, the more I find this “Oh no it’s retarded” title relevant and appropriate :wink:

Post it already ffs.


K thanks for the negativity guys, what a community. Just wanted to share a fun moment, but k den.


Rightttt … I doubt that since the major complaints (including your own) were directed at the post and not the title.


See, you posted a oneliner without much content and a title, that doesn’t really fit, what exactly did you expect?


I think op mistook this for 9gag. Actually post something with content please. This doesn’t really help anyone or start a discussion.


The thread is unproductive. Locking…

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