[Off Toppic] Where are you from, guys?


Where do you live guys? (The country/region, don’t post your street or something, for the god’s sake)

Im from Canary Islands, Spain (Tenerife). :3


Uruguay, south america





Oh fuck, didnt see that.
Can i close the toppic or something xD?
Edit: welp looks yours its closed anyways.



you come from the moon? :full_moon:

i mean, south west of the moon? :last_quarter_moon_with_face:


South Africa keepo


since when does the moon have wine?


Clearly it’s England!

They have awesome cheeses and good wine


  1. It says off-topic in title
  2. You started it with the pictures


Italy! Still waiting for localization, several guys here don’t like English that much :°)


Italy too! +other characters


U! S! A!

“The greatest country on earth!”


Yes, it’s certainly the largest collection of states in the world


The only problem being that every other country in the world has an advantage the US doesn’t. They aren’t the US.


Im from Ireland, don’t get our flag mixed up with Ivory Coast! Yes some fairly big youtuber got them mixed up so…


you mean to say that land and coast arent the same thing???
and that ire and ivory arent interchangeable??
my life is a lie Kappa


Lie and life are also interchangeable ;3


yeah you just need an extra f to give