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October’s Season Qualifierby Counterplay Games / November 8, 2016

We’re thrilled to announce October’s final DWC ranking along with the date and time for the upcoming Season Qualifier.

October’s DWC Rankings

After five weeks of intense play 37 players secured Circuit Points. Here’s October’s final scoreboard:

October’s Season Qualifier

October’s Qualifier will take place on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of November at 12pm Pacific Time. One hour later at 1pm PT the tournament’s stream will go live with the qualified players’ matches as they battle through five rounds of Swiss. These matches will be Best of Three, not Best of Five. Furthermore, the tournament will follow the Senerai (Conquest) Match Format.

Once the last round concludes, the Top 8 will move on to playoffs on Sunday. Playoffs will start at 12pm Pacific Time. Join us live at 1pm Pacific Time to find out who’ll be crowned Grandmaster and receive an invitation to the Duelyst World Championship.

If you’re among the players qualified for October’s Qualifier we ask that you check Discord for further details and instructions.

For updates on the Duelyst competitive scene, follow us on Twitter @PlayDuelyst and on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/PlayDuelyst.

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I would really like to get more interested in watching the World Championships, there would be a couple of things that would help me.

  • Knowing it’s on, or that a match has been played -
    If the ‘Watch’ menu displayed a special icon to indicate a DWC match is available to watch (or even will be in the near future). Perhaps another menu beside Live Stream and Replay for Tournament matches. Watching matches in game would provide a much better experience than twitch (IMHO) because the replay engine is so much more interactive.

  • Recognising players -
    For a tournament to be interesting you need to have someone to support. If players were able to add a badge or ribbon to their profile it would help to choose a side when watching. For example in the October DWC I will be supporting UnoPro, only because I watched his stream once, he’s Australian and I don’t know any other names on the list

The top 50 S-Rank players for a season should get a special Ribbon for the following season (not just first place). I hardly ever pay attention to the name of the player I’m playing against, but if I saw the Top 50 ribbon I’d pay attention, and I would remember that name. If I was playing basketball at the local park and happened to match up against Michael Jordan, I’d want it pointed out to me.

It would also be nice if the Top 50 S-Rank list showed up somewhere in game (they deserve the recognition, even if you have to look for it) and that players that are on the list for the first time are indicated. Even better would be placement indicators, like up 5 places or down 3 places from last season.


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