October Monthly Spoilers: Dust Wailer


We will have to see how strong this is once the dust settles! But for now here is Dust Wailer.


All enemies in one row in front of it?
Is that the right interpretation?


Yes. A 3-damage blast as an opening gambit.


If that is the case I think it is a garbage card. Not sure what niche it would fill that death blighter and dancing blades do not fill. No one even plays death blighter except on a budget while dancing blades is pretty amazing with good stats and tempo. I guess wailer also nukes generals but that also seems rather inefficient, not to mention the position problems that will arise if you’re on the opponent’s side of the field (which is worse than with blades because blades only needs 1 unit in front to get value from the effect). I dunno, does someone else see a real line of play for this thing?


This should really be four or five mana


4 mana would be insane. Maybe 5 mana.


Must be bad. Otherwise it wouldn’t be wailing in the dust :laughing:


So it’s basically a Deathblighter with arguably more situational effect? The effect is cool and all but it won’t be played with the stats like that, just like Deathblighter isn’t.

Edit: I’ve been thinking about it a bit more and the card actually might be half decent. Isn’t it basically a laser kitty in a balanced form? Sure on average it will hit less targets than Deathblighter but being able to damage minions and generals from afar shouldn’t be underestimated.


Cost need to be drastically dropped to even compare to Death Blighter, an already underused card. However, I do love the nature and (somewhat) originality of the effect.



We were waiting for this kind of effect. But to know if this guy will be used…

Songhai only probably, because of stacking against their backstab. But it cost 6 for the stats of the deathblighter =p.

In arena… don’t know. Sometimes you have really bad rare card to pick.


Why does the dusk wailer wail?

Because it knows it’ll never be used over deathblighter, which is already never used.


Ugh, even cositer than Dancing Blades and not even as good.

Too bad I was pretty hyped for the card since I saw the pixel art on twitter.


So into this! I’ve been wishing for a card that uses this positioning mechanic :smiley: We’ll see how much fun it is in the long run.


looks cool :smiley: could be a fun inclusion in vetruvian with star’s fury


When they say in front, do they mean directly in front, or like an opening gambit blast attack?


The latter one.


In that case, the card probably isn’t that bad in terms of control, and being able to hit generals should help as well


If turns out to be bad, i would suggest giving it flying. Fits with the sprite, and synergizes with the long-range nuke. A 3/4 flying is worth like 3 mana anyway, combined with a 3 damage stunless old chromatic cold it should even out to like 6 mana.


I actually thought about it myself. From a both balance and aesthetic design perspective it makes so much sense for it to have flying. In that case it might prove to be a strictly better Deathblighter so something about it should be adjusted. Or not because no one plays Deathblighter anyway so who cares about little power creep. Actually I do, I don’t want CPG to get into a habbit of power creeping cards like they did with Kron. ANYWAY. They really dropped the ball there, card would have been infinitely more cooler (and naturally stronger) if it had flying.