October Monthly Spoiler: Quartermaster Gauj


It’s time to Gauj your reactions to our new Quartermaster! Welcome Quartermaster Guaj to Duelyst.


Looks awful at first glance to be honest. Other than dying to almost any damaging spell it also dies to dispel (which is pretty common nowadays) + general hit.

Disappointing. I just don’t see it working at all. I had high expectations too since the other monthlies were pretty good and interesting. Well, at least I can’t deny it is indeed interesting.


Noooooo! It’s soul-crushingly bad. CPG, don’t squander such high-quality sprite work. You can do better than this.


(1) I’m really struggling to find a theme with this month’s set. Rounding out untapped design space…?

(2) This will be absurdly polar in Gauntlet; I already dread it.

(3) The wording is vague enough to invite inconsistencies. Does Frostborn Naga’s OG kill it? Do spells kill it (if so, it’s unimaginably bad)?


Silver-tongue Corsair’s other and less likable brother.


I don’t think will ever see play…ever. Super weak to dispel. There are so many spells that deal with it. Probably pretty good in gauntlet

Edit 1: Actually this card just sucks. There is nothing good that this card does.
Edit 2: Its close to purify bad.


Put Aegis Barrier on this guy and that’ll reduce the ways to deal with it even more!


the best counter to battle pets ever


Lava Lance value.


Not really. You don’t benefit at all from the pet hitting the card other than the pet dying. Not to mention it’s a 6 mana card.


Like for coming up with a way to use this thing. IMO this is only bad because of its high mana cost. It would be way cooler if you could combo it with buffs more easily (imagine the Cosmic Flesh value).


Oh My F****** God. They dared to create it.

Run search his Mana Burn… then realize it’s called Chromatic Cold now


it was a joke. as in the only way i can imagine getting use out of this is having pets run into it before its dispelled or spelled


Well after the nightwatcher i guess we will get something in the next monthes and/or expansions that features rush, and mb can make this viable


The only possible use i see for this is with aegis barrier.

Like i said in facebook: i would be surprised if this sees any play at all. Monthly legendaries way better than this had seen any (always in my heart exun, you will shine someday).


I like the idea, but it’s just too weak. I really hope it gets buffed because it’s animation is amazing and honestly this deserves a buff more than Dust Wailer did.


High variance cards like this one ought to have a low to mediocre use case average. Good job, CPG. Huehuehuehuehuehuehue.


If it had rush and celerity though… :smiley:

TBH there should be a minion “Accelerator Mage” (Arcanyst): 2 mana, Opening Gambit: The next minion you play this turn has rush.


anything would be broken if it had rush and celerity. even if it had nothing else


Doesn’t die from general hit, but yeah the card is pretty much trash.


it does AFTER the dispel. siphon + general hit = death