October Monthly Spoiler: Night Watcher


The night has come and now my watch begins, I will protect against all rush. Welcome Night Watcher to Duelyst!


@Ryvirath Super exciting!



im in love


Seems like a nice anti-tiger and anti-obelysk tech. It’s pretty expensive, but a 2/4 forcefield for 4 mana isn’t too bad. Should be interesting.


Holy shit. I love the Art of this card and the Text seems…interesting. This will be great against OTK Kara and I love how it exhausts every Rush Minion, even your own. I don’t think it will see that much play, though…
Edit: Hadn’t Obelysks in mind, could be better that first thought.


Uh, cool I guess, but seems a bit parasitic.


holy crap. this counters kara, makantor, spectral, bacon and obelysks


Very metagame dependant but nice design


This minion is pretty damn interesting. I was about to say ‘op in Kara’, when i realized that it prevents tigers. So yay. Also a game of thrones reference. 10/10.

After all a pretty elegant solution to nerf rush, nimbus, and Combohai, since it’s not only a plain techcard but isn’t that bad due to forcefield in general. I mean i still wouldn’t play it except as a tech for that matchups but its still not an entirely dead card vs other decks.


almost time to make a “watcher” deck with day, night and shadow watcher. gonna see if there are any other “watcher” cards


Sweet :slight_smile: Debilitates Vetruvian Spawn… painful :stuck_out_tongue:


Now this is some good shit right here. A decent tech card against the most infuriating keyword in the game. It’s relevant in the current meta and will always be relevant as long as rush exists.

Songhai OTK, Kara, Obelysk Vet? SpecRev? Yeah, you can go screw yourself.


CP’s way of acknowledging Rush is a problem. Get counter’d, Tiger, Elucidator, Makantor Warbeast, Spectral Revenant, Wind Dervishes, Tusk Boar and Rush Prisoner. Mwahahahaha. RIP Magmar again though.

Also, dat sprite doe.


Oh damn, didn’t even think of Wind Dervishes. This thing destroys ALL of that board presence instantly. Also, Makantor and Elucidator are useless in the face of this card, as is the Rush + Thumping Wave combo.


Dat sprite, mostly because his animation makes him look especially heavy despite his super tiny munchkin legs.


Beautiful tech card, one of the best art and best design recently, I love it!


As much of a Vetruvian player as I am, and as much as I absolutely ADORE my Obelysks. I hate Makantors and Kineticats more, so I guess I’ll reluctantly support this card lol


Well yeah i mean if this is going to see much play, Magmar loses their last anchor.


Kekekekeke those little nubs er teh kawaii desu, I hadn’t noticed them xD, assumed it was just floating around.


Well, there goes structure vet, (Kara) tigers, revanent, and aggro Magmar. Great way to slow down the meta, and forcefield makes it even some. Like the concept and push for a more control meta~