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October Card Design Contest: Finalist Survey (Updated with November Prompt Poll)


Hello and welcome to this month’s survey thread! I and the other jury members have deliberated, and we’ve managed to narrow down your submissions to the Top 10. We want to sincerely thank all of you for participating; it’s an absolute pleasure to see and discuss the fascinating and fun designs our community can come up with. Without further ado, here is the Top 10 rankings document (along with each jury member’s comments):

October’s Top 10 Designs (+Jury Comments)

Now, as a refresher, please read through each of the finalist’s card descriptions and then cast your vote for which design you think is best!

Eternal Preservator by raqyee

Vanar, Minion
4 mana / (3/6)
Opening Gambit: add one Eurielle’s Tear to your deck for each card in your opponent’s action-bar.

Eurielle’s Tear
Vanar, Spell
1 mana
Restore 2 health to your General. Draw a card.

Illusory Horror by argblaze

Neutral Minion
4 Mana 4/8
Opening Gambit: Put a Force of Will in your opponent’s action bar.

Force of Will
Neutral Spell
3 Mana
Deal 8 damage to an Illusory Horror.

Ostracon Hypnotist by envest

Vetruvian minion
5 mana (3/7)
Opening Gambit: The minion in your opponent’s action bar with the highest attack can no longer attack Generals.

Frozen Sprite by orthoceras

Vanar, Spell
4 Mana
Summon three joined 2/1 Walls that can attack with “Dying Wish: Put a Spiteful Thaw in your opponent action bar.”

Spiteful Thaw
1 Mana
Cannot be replaced. Summon an enemy 3/3 Blazing Spines on a random space nearby the enemy general.

Caterwauling Skyra by hellcat

Abyssian minion
4 mana 2/6
If the enemy general has more cards in their action bar than you at the end of their turn, they take 3 damage.

Ethereal Archon by phayze

Neutral Minion
3 Mana 2/4
Whenever your opponent replaces a card, trigger your replace effects.

Dark Sapling by moses000

Abyssian - Spell
3 mana
Turn a random space into Shadow Creep for each card in your opponent’s action-bar.

Mind Reader by gsvalhalla

Neutral, Minion
3 Mana, (1/1)
Opening Gambit: Gain +1/1 for each spell in your opponents action bar.

Dream Delver by gibberingmaw

Neutral, Minion
3 / 2/2
Opening Gambit: Deal 2 to your General.
Whenever this minion is replaced, put it in your opponent’s action bar.

Hallowed Horseman by mebler92

Neutral, Minion
7-Mana / (5/10)
Neither players draw any cards. Whenever either player plays a card, add a random Flame to their action bar.

[details=Crimson Flame]1-Mana / Spell
Restore 2 Health to a minion or General and give it +2 Attack.

[details=Azure Flame]2-Mana / Spell
Give a friendly minion Forcefield.[/details]

[details=Golden Flame]3-Mana / Spell
Transform a minion into a 2/2 Jack-O-Lantern and teleport it next to the enemy general.[/details]


  • Eternal Preservator
  • Illusory Horror
  • Ostracon Hypnotist
  • Frozen Sprite
  • Caterwauling Skyra
  • Ethereal Archon
  • Dark Sapling
  • Mind Reader
  • Dream Delver
  • Hallowed Horseman

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The poll will remain open until October 28th (3:00pm CST). Please don’t forget to vote, and feel free to discuss below! :grin:

Edit 1:

As a reminder for what’s at stake, here are the prizes for the Top 3 designs:

[details=1st place]

  • Pixel art created by @DieMango
  • Exclusive forum badge “Design God”
  • 2 Orbs
  • Place in the jury for the next month[/details]

[details=2nd place]

  • 2 Orbs
  • Place in the jury for the next month[/details]

[details=3rd place]

  • 1 Orb
  • Place in the jury next month[/details]

Edit 2: The voting deadline is fast approaching, and that means the November Monthly Design Contest is soon upon us! To get a sense of what you all would be interested in seeing for next month’s prompt, I and the other jury members have put together a poll with 8 possible prompts.

Click here to be taken to the poll, and please vote for your Top 3 prompts! :grin:


Can you guys change my misvote from myself to Raqyee lol?

Also glad to see 7 of my favorite cards rightfully in here <3


yeah, i’d love a card similar to it. we need more control vanar cards and not aggro


Already did, noticed could change.


Look at me mom, I’m finally good at something.


Would have liked to see more cards that benefit when your opponent has LESS cards in their hand, not more, as a way of punishing aggro/dump your hand Songhai


Hey @martinsilenus. You have good taste :wink:

I’m just going to say that Preservator deserves to win this one by a landslide. It plays with adding cards to the deck, which is a mechanic we haven’t really seen before. It gives Vanar healing AND cantrips, which is pretty damn sweet. It feels like a real minion and doesn’t screw your opponent over in an upsetting way like some of the other contest ideas. A little number tweaking and it might even be balanced.


Hallowed horseman sounds like a great neutral finisher. It’s meme level is that of dank nemesis and grail master


ill make it here one day … one day cries in spanish

BTW, nice cards! let the best one win :smiley:


when will there be another one of these contest? :frowning:


The Contests are monthly, so you will see the next one in November. There is a theme every month.


Where can we read criticisms on the other cards?


We did not write a criticism for every single submission because that would take hours. But if you want to know our thoughts on some specific cards feel free to ask in the discussion Hub.


Well, I was just curious as to what they thought of mine in particular; was it overpowered? Underpowered? Too situational? Didn’t fit the flavor of the faction?


For me, the choice was only between

  • Ethereal Archon
  • Illusory Horror
  • Catherwauling
  • Dark Sapling

And hard between Ethereal Archon and Catherwauling. I finally vote Catherwauling because i’d like to play with it more.

Eternal Preservator isn’t a bit overpowered ?


Read it up, you might see it in different light. I tried to address all of the potential issues people might have with the card.


It stays a 4 manas 3/6 which globally fills your action bar with cantrip (*) during the 3 or 4th turns.

It’s better for aggro deck, i guess.

(*) : gaining health cantrip in Vanar, moreover.


Please look closer. The tears will be added to the deck, not the action bar.


Oh god. My fault, i couldn’t imagine this !
Nice, i could vote for that. But, not in Vanar !


Just one point and I could be in :sob:
Congratulations to the ones that made it in :wink: