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October Boss Battles

Hey Duelysts, Boss Battles are back! This time, we’re giving you a heads up on the whole month, so you can plan your decks ahead of time. For the month of October 2018, here are the Boss Battles to steel yourselves for:

October 2018 Boss Battle Schedule

10/4 – 10/9: Boreal Juggernaut

Enter the domain of the Boreal Juggernaut and test your strength against his!

10/11 – 10/16: Umbra

From the shadows comes a twisted visage. Enter an alternate dimension where Umbra warps light and shadow to create imperfect reflections of life.

10/18 – 10/23: Cade the Desolator

Hordes of Desolators gasp in awe, for from their gaunt and bony kind, a champion has risen. Cade’s current incarnation has lived long enough to build a body that no longer fears death. He has mastered the ways of war through countless battles.

10/25 – 10/30: Unhallowed

The Unhallowed has risen from the grave with a dark design to curse all of Mythron. Not all of her tricks are devious, though. If luck is on your side, some of her twisted malcontents might even hold a treat.

About Boss Battles

Duelyst Boss Battles are weekly in-game events where players can fight bosses for rewards. The events start each Thursday at 2:00 PM PDT and last until the following Sunday at 2:00 PM PDT. Each boss varies in difficulty but in general, players can expect to win against them using basic and common cards, along with skill and luck. Since these are PvE battles, there is no time limit to fight against them. Each win against a boss yields a free Boss Crate and a Core Orb.

Jump into Duelyst and experience the fun! Duelyst is free-to-play and Boss Battles are a great way to get free rewards just for playing the game. We hope you’ll join us!


Unhallowed is back! Time to get spooky. :ghost:


Time to ready my duskdrinker deck again.


Cade’ back already? I guess he didn’t learn his lesson.


Will Umbra be dispellable again? or Will you guys fix this?

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