Obliterate not blowing up the board


So yeah - whenever you get lethal with obliterate despite the enemy having a huge board, only the enemy general explodes, even though it would feel oh-so-satisfying to see all those minions the enemy has been placing over the last few turns (cough variax wraithlings) go poof as well.

Yeah, this isn’t high-priority, and I doubt it’ll get changed, but man, I sometimes even regret not getting lethal -2hp so as to behold the beauty that is the board wipe of a stacked obliterate.


while i agree it would be awesome to wipe board on the lethal, its probably that way to prevent conflicts with other minions like aymara or taygete (not actually sure if obliterate lethal actually triggers taygete)


The instances of damage all occur simultaneously, but general health is a state-based action (meaning after every single thing happens it’s checked to be above 0). So, if it ever goes to 0, everything (meaning damage and effects waiting to proc) is immediately canceled and the game is won or drawn. That’s why you don’t see anything happen if you get a kill with Obliterate, although I must agree it would be awesome.


I’m pretty sure you can get a draw if you play obliterate when there’s an aymara on the board and you’re at 5hp. I’ve seen damage dealing effects trigger after general death selectively.

And yeah, I figured this might be the reason. But still, man, it kind of feels underwhelming. It doesn’t really EXPLODE, it just says “yay you win”


Yes it would be great if you could see the other minions die as well, agree. Similarly when you pull of a huge Frenzy or so.


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