Obliterate already feels bad man


So I just faced a cass creep deck. I was running Faie Vespyrs and wrecking them the whole game. I didn’t bring any dispel because I had been doing fine without it in all my previous matches and it didn’t really occur to me that it would be so necessary. Long story short by turn 5 or 6 my opponent had set up 17 shadow creep and proceeded to obliterate me into, well, oblivion. I’m not saying it’s broken, it just feels really cheesy. Divine bond level cheesy since both are removable/avoidable but you have to be nice and prepared.

tl;dr IN MY OPINION SO FAR obliterate feels a bit too powerful for the fact that it only wipes your opponents board and it hits their general as well.

Obviously this is day one and I should have had some dispel, but I don’t like knowing I have to stack my deck with a certain type of removal on the chance that I NEED it for creep. Also, if anyone has seen the new juggernauts, they’re crazy good now.

In case anyone is curious as to how the last few turns played out.


It should be like the Magmar 8-drop. Damage every minion and general, even their own.


That or half the number of creep tiles, it’s just too easy for a 10+ punch to your entire teams face… It’s the fact that it can not only board wipe but then lethal you if you’re below half ish health.


So you destroy all your shadow creeps to kill yourself? For 8 mana? Obliterate seems fine except for the part about dealing damage to the enemy general; you have to sacrifice all your creeps and pay 8 mana, so it’d better be good (imo)


Spiral technique is 8 for 8, obliterate is X to all for 8. It just seems a little too easy to get a huge swing unless you’re running enough dispel to keep up…


I’m just going with what CP used as a design for the Magmar 8-drop. It hurts everything non-egg for 5 damage, even your own general. But that was mostly salt about how crap the Magmar 8-drop is.

I’d also be fine with it not hurting generals at all or having a max damage cap (say 8, for instance to go along with spiral technique).


I think the most important thing is that you LOSE ALL YOUR CREEPS when you play obliterate, so it shouldn’t be compared to a card with no sacrifice like spiral technique

Also it’s “kinda” conditional, cause if you have like 4 shadow creeps obviously it’s kinda bad (though I understand it is very easy now for abyssians to get 10+ creeps fairly reliably)


Yeah, with the update to Abyssal Crawler* they can usually throw down one or two of those and they make a creep every turn. Then Shadownova hits for another 4, possibly 8 if they have two. Throw in sphere of darkness and Cass’s BBS and you could be looking at 8+ pretty consistently by turn 5 to 6 when they can cast obliterate.


True, but Spiral technique doesn’t hurt all enemy minions either. It seems a fair trade to make Obliteration say “Up to 8 shadow creep is removed to deal 8 damage to all minions and generals”. This leaves you with some creep left to work with.


And you haven’t even mentioned klaxon or whatever, the 6 mana 6/6 provoke that gives 6 creeps!

The fact that it has provoke means that if you provoke their general they face 6 damage, and once they remove it they get obliterated!


Yeah, I forgot about that. At least with that you can transform it or something. My opponent dropped one and I just used Aspect of the Fox, so I’m less concerned about things that can be handled with a single target removal/dispel and more concerned with the fact that outside of Lyonar the only multi tile dispel I know of is lightbender.


Also, thanks for a civil conversation. It’s my first time posting instead of lurking and I was expecting to get flamed for a day one balance opinion…


All minions and generals? That just hurts you way more than it’ll hurt your opponent, unless you are losing. I like the idea of a cap to obliterate, but I think that dealing it to yourself kinda sucks, which is why the new magmar card is just bad


I’ve found that trying to kill the abyssian General as fast as possible usually gives me my best chances (magmar main here), but I feel like the provoke just gives too much tempo AND creep development. Yeah, it’s basically impossible to keep up with the creep spawn rate now without like 3x lightbenders


That was pretty much my issue, we were pretty even at the start of the match so I couldn’t get a leg up until mid game where I exploded. By then it was too late and the amount of creep was too much. Part of it is salt, but it’s also transfered salt from losing so many matches to ironcliffe/DB combo. This feels gimmicky in the exact same way. Just one massive ‘go f**k yourself’ turn that can be pretty hard to avoid. I dunno, maybe it’ll mellow out or I just need to play a faster deck…


You’re right, I forgot the correct phrasing. I meant to opposing enemies and generals, the ‘opposing’ slipped my mind a little. My bad, and thank you for pointing it out. :slight_smile:


Sure, no problem!


I don’t understand CP, making OBLITERATE and FLAMING STEMPEDE in the same time. I got 2 flaming stupid stempede from my orbs, but they feel so useless.


Everyone makes mistakes, even CP!

Besides, the thing about obliterate is that it only works in a creep abyssian deck, while stampede could find use in many decks (though unfortunately I highly doubt it)

I’m also disappointed with the magmar 8 cost spell, but… Oh well, at least it’s a legendary so you get a lot of spirit of you want to DE it


Run lightbender if you must. The meta will shape itself, maybe Lightbender will find itself in a nice, smug spot.