Obelysk: Structure or Minion?


This question may have been presented before.

Why are Obelysks subject to spells/abilities that blanket or target minions?


Obelysks are re-classed as minions. They are allowed to move. They are given an attack(or passive defense) of some type.

Obelysks remain structures. They are immobile. They are IMMUNE to all minion effects(mass or targeted dispel/destruction/teleport/etc)}

Obelysks are, currently, one of two possible “competitive” Vetruvian decks. They are by far the cheapest for new Vetruvian players to build. The unfortunate truth is they’re too vulnerable and slow to actually be played with any success.

I’m new(one month into the game) to Duelyst. I’m not new to TCGs. I’ve played them for over 20 years.
If I’m missing something, please tell me.


Arcanysts, Golems, Vespyr, etc. are minion subtypes. Structures are too.

This game has the following card types: Minions (split into tokens and non-tokens), artifacts, spells, and generals. Everything else you see falls under one of these categories.

And Obelysk Vetruvian is currently the strongest Vetruvian archetype, and it’s quite strong. You need to learn how to place them more carefully while still getting value from them.


I will admit I need to learn what each faction is capable of. I’m learning the most commonly played cards.

I’d say I have a decent grasp on how/where/when to place Obelysks.

I think the irritation comes more from seeing other structures that can move(Dioltas’ tombstone) when Obelysks can’t. I also tend to see the vast limitations to your pace of play with Obelysks. It’s not an easy early agression deck. You can be stymied fairly easily, too.

I’d be more than happy to discuss strategy with anyone more experienced in Duelyst. Currently learning in the Silver-14 as I try to jump into gold.


The tombstone isn’t actually a structure. There are very few structure, the only ones being the vet ones and the neutral bastion.


I’m not a big Obelisk vetruvian player, I prefer artifacts if I have the option. But here are some things I like to keep in mind when I do play them.

You want to place your Obelisks in places where your opponent can’t kill them freely and where most of your spawns can reach something. If your opponent starts turn 1 and plays a Mystic it’s best not to drop your fireblaze in the middle to snatch the mana tile and instead play it either above or below you so they can’t reach the obelisk and your spawns can contest the middle tile. It’s more important to keep you Obelisks out of your opponents reach than letting them freely trade their minions in. An out of reach Obelisk still provides value through Dunecaster and damage with Third Wish so most of the time keeping your Obelisks alive is the most important thing.

I’m fairly certain a budget Obelisk deck should be able to get you to mid gold and with a few more expensive cards easily get you to Diamond.


I could swear Dioltas’ Tombstone states “Structure” on the token.

Thank you for the advice, shatterdskys. I do enjoy the tactics required to play Obelysk. It’s more of a finesse deck that requires forward thinking. I could stand for a tad more in the way of a tempo deck…

I’ll be happy learning Vetruvian, for now. This is the deck I’ve been piloting.


I’m fairly certain if you pilot it right you can make Diamond with that deck. The only thing I’m fairly iffy about is Spelljammer. Your deck has a low curve but at the same time outside of Rasha’s curse+Dunecaster combos it doesn’t make use of the draw super well. I would say if you want to play midrange try out Sworn Sister L’kian, she doesn’t give your opponents cards and generates resources for you to keep going. If you want to play more aggro keep Spelljammer but cut a few Whisper for Second Wish and if you have it, Third Wish. Those two buffs allow you to play very aggressively.


You seem to be running the F8D variation of my list. That list is S-rank worthy. You should watch his videos or mine, which also discuss Obelysk placements. We don’t necessarily agree on where to play the obelysk turn 1 as player 1, but I don’t think he’s “wrong”, watching the obelysk placement after turn 1 is probably more relevant.

But yes, wrong obelysk placement is a mistake you keep paying for, as they are static. But a well-protected and well-placed obelysk just keeps spitting out value.

@shatteredskys This isn’t a tempo deck per se, and F8D plays it more aggro, so he kept the Jammers I removed. I also don’t really recommend L’Kian in Vetruvian. And definitely can’t cut Whispers, it’s the single strongest deck in the deck. Buff cards in general aside from the self-replacing First Wish are a bit of a gamble.

The deck, especially as F8 plays it is very much geared to early aggression which doesn’t let go, try watching his stream to see it in action. I personally think Inner Oasis is too good to not run, but different styles.


Thank you all for the discussion/information.

I swapped out a couple cards to make the deck “my own”. It’s currently running a 6 win streak at Silver 13.

I still would like to see more clarification on dispels. It was annoying the first time I saw a “dispel minion” card affect my structure.

@tundranocaps I will check out your videos at some point. I’d like a firmer grasp on the basics before I truly begin mastering the faction.


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