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Oath of Nemeton is easier to proc than I thought

I couldn’t believe it, when I saw that Embla now can spawn Luminous charge Tokens.

This is the List:

There are some ways to win:

  1. Faice
  2. Wall up, then Faice
  3. Wall up, Make em smol, Make yours big. Then go Faice
  4. Wall up until your opponents has no cards left in his deck. Either go Faice or kill them with fatigue

The important thing is to conceal, what you are up to. You can go face all game long until you cast embla and hopefully get the trial completed. Or you play walls that your opponent is chasing after until you get a sudden burst to face to win.


what in the world do you mean conceal what you’re up to? Doesn’t the UI totally give away that you’re playing mythron ? :sweat_smile:

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Hey, my secret plan is the burn!


but… you’re faie tho :sweat_smile: nothing says burn like a parka lady with a poking stick

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Ah, hybrid decks are always so fun…

Holy crap, how many times do I have to say it.

It’s not Oak in the Nemeton.

It’s not Oath of Nemeton.


Joke in the memetown*


Your oak in brome’s memetown :smirk:

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