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Oak is an art when done well

After a night spending with this stupid card trying to proc him in every possible deck and make it stable i came up with a few idea, some are better then others.

The first one - oak vespyr.

You are basically running the same stall until wintertide + plate.
Your wincon is fairly simple - crash your opponent with snowman in the back procing value while you use your walls and aspects, and vespyr tokens /minions to generate up to 5 on the same and summon oak - by that moment, the game is over.

In the times you will not be able to finish the trail you can always use animus or embla as a finisher.

Grove can be switched with aspect of the mountain or 2× aspect of bear to make space for 1 more embla.


Thanks to @epicflygon i decided to try some sort of arca. Proc with oak.
While a little clunky - it works beautiful.
The way i played it - i used walls and aspects to turn then into beasts, while procing prismatic ill. + owl beast to use my illusions as a blocking device.

And again - when oak went out - zirix’s fate sealed.

P.s - i’ve never ceeated a good arca. Deck nor i ever prefered to play one so this deck mighr be able to use your ideas and critic, so is the vespyr one.


Error 404: Prismatic Illusionist not found.

Yep, not running him in a vespyr deck.

I hate arcanysts!
Besides - it doesn’t proc with animus and i’ll prefer to have early vespyrs to boom on my opponent using plate

We live opposite lives.


I played this deck, but it still isn’t good enough… It is ridiculous how far behind you can be. Without Thunderhorn+ Shimzar you have no way to catch up if behind. It is just ridiculous.

I had to add Frostburn. now I hope it gets me to the mid or even the lategame without going down to 10 life.

I’m not tilted often, but there you have it.

Well it might be the case, again, mythron is hard on this and applying it to a stable deck needs alot of tweeks.
Besides - arca. Decks are not my thing.

Btw - a good replacement for thorn might just be flying it with aotd.
Still researching here.

I have tried mythron outside of the Arca deck - it is worse.

It seems like there is just not a good Mythron deck

I’ve tried alot of vanar decks with mythron.
Some worked fine (vespyr) some less…

The thing is that if you win with with the deck you usually don’t need mythron…

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Exactly… Tere is essentially no point to run it.

With 4 different minions this would be a whole other thing…

Yes please, a seal for embla.

I think the devs should look into this, this is the hardest trail by far.


Are se missing something? Is there any vanar deck that can run it?

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