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Sup my dudes. I’m back, earlier this time, with a new deck I actually crafted today. At this point I’m thinking I should make a non-meta deckspace but, eh, later. Here we got a deck made to synergize with Black Locust and then dropping a massive nuke about two turns after. This deck has incredibly high damage potential but needs some edits for higher tier play, so please have a go at it and recommend a few changes.

So essentially your goal is to play Black Locust as soon as possible. You can do that on turn two if you manage to get out a crystal wisp or claim at least one mana spring. Once you got it out and as the game progresses, you need to swamp the field with useless bulk to stall out your opponent momentarily. Once you got four you can safely play Lightning Blitz for the quick buff along with Razorback or run all your Locust’s to the enemies field for a Spirit of the Wild. Now keep in mind every fresh summon of Black Locust counts towards Kinetic Surge so sometimes its a good idea to save it for a turn till you can really push out those numbers. Ideally you’ve dealt around 5 damage to the enemy general by then and can go in for a single drop ending the game swiftly.

You have cards like Icy and Gravity Well to stall the enemy as you don’t really need to worry about removal. Moonlit Basilysk to punish removal spells being used on your Locust and Hearth-Sister for comfortably managing the field. Now you don’t need Locust to win the games, you can actually manage a few more combos especially with Spirit of the Wild. Essentially, my locust had been burnt do to a few spells but luckily I had a Basilysk. Was up to 11 attack, smashed the general, played Hearth-Sister to put it on the edge of their field then played Spirit for an easy 22 damage and ending the game.

Still, nothing more satisfying than multiplying four Locusts, moving them with Lightning Blitz, then using Spirit or Razorback for what amounts to instant death.

The deck definitely needs some tweaks. You have some major opportunities swarming the field especially if you get a Lightning and Kinetic off after already having a few numerous low cost minions played. Jaxi, Shiro Puppydragon, and Bastion are some considerations I’ve put some thought into. Have a go at it! Thanks guys.

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