Number 1 reason I want in game chat


Just played an excellent match against someone who had the coolest deck I had ever seen. I knew from his first turn that I was in for a treat and I was right. I got my ass kicked, but really wanted to compliment the guy on the deck. It was awesome.


Can I ask what type of deck was he running?


I’m keeping that a secret. He might get to S rank and I don’t want to give it away!


“Well played” or “tip 5 gold”, we already got ingame tools to say thank you and show apreciation


I tried to tip, I just missed it, I don’t tip often, I had no idea where it was =C


There never won’t be ingame chat and it’s for the better. I don’t know why, but from experience, CCG players are extremely sensitive and get offended by literally anything. Someone uses an emote in an incorrect way? Better go to cry on forums about getting BM-ed. A combo deck taking it’s whole turns thinking ahead? Also BM-ing, why should he think so much when the board is going to change anyway. There is even an option to prevent people from adding you and people still accept friend request and then get offended when someone says “lol u bad xd”.

Just imagine what would happen if we had an ingame chat? I don’t want CPG to be the sole reason for the sudden increase of suicide rates.


I thought that only the winner could tip gold… Was it ever like that or am I crazy?


Yes, only the winner can take gold, and the option will show up between the add friend and report button iirc.

You can kind of get in game chat if you friend your opponent while the game goes on.


You are correct ninja’d. I personally would like to be able to tip someone for defeating me if they did so in an awesome match, or with a fair deck etc.


Hard to chat to a friend with a fullscreen chat though. Would be nice if you could at least see if its your turn while chatting. Then again there is never enough time in a turn in the first place so there is no time to chat :laughing:


True, I even get offended when people tip me when they’ve won.


Really, the community is most of the time toxic but here I found only friendly people, anyway I pref add after the game, I need to focus! ;D


I can’t even handle emotes, nevermind people talking actual shit to me while I’m just trying to relax and play some cards. But, as long as they add a mute/opt out option, it doesn’t really matter to me.


There is already a mute button


Just add them as friends afterwards. They don’t really need to be rl friends for that.
If they don’t accept, chance is, the chat would not have been that productive.


Agreed. There’s so much potential for abuse here. The “add friend” feature essentially functions as a means of asking permission with the other person to speak with you. If they want to, they will add you, and otherwise, as you said, it probably wouldn’t have been a positive experience anyway.


In-game chat would just let salty players be rude to others. The current set-up is best for winners and losers of a match.


you could just add a “request chat” button on the emote menu to prevent unsolicited abuse tbh


Stuff like that doesn’t work. People would approve chat requests and then get upset when someone talks shit, same like it happens with friend requests despite DND function existing and same how people can use mute function but prefer not to do it so they can cry about “emote BM”. People just love getting offended and if you give them the choice to do so they will definitely take it.


Technically there is already an in game chat. Go into the friends menue while still in the match, and go to “last played USERNAME Add” and if they accept your friend request you can chat with them while still in the match.