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Now it's the end, I feel like boasting

71 Abyssian ribbons, baby!

Which I believe is not only the most Abyssian ribbons than anyone else in the game, but the most ribbons for any single faction? Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Do I get some sort of prize?

This is a sad time, but I kind of expected it after so long with no updates. I mean the economy is completely out of whack right now. I have had every copy of every card for a while now (I only paid for a few orbs right at the beginning), and I ended up with 20k gold and 27k spirit. If an expansion came out now, CPG probably wouldn’t make much money on it as I’m assuming I am not the only one with too much to spend.

I started to feel like I was coming back to the game a few months ago, but now oh well. I guess I will have some more productive free time now…?

It’s been a pleasure playing many of you since the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign. Thanks for the fun times!




Yes! so I guess I won then? And yes, I am still in ‘boasting’ mode, because it’s now the ‘end times’ for this game, and I want to have a little fun.


You won in that category for sure!


This is for you in the category “most Abyssian ribbons” and


this is for you in the category “most ribbons for any single faction”!

Gratulations :slight_smile:


Aww shucks, thanks :smiley:


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