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Now I have a problem


im honestly not sure if i’m offending your meme sensibilities or arcanyst sensibilities :joy:


Neither. You are simply wrong :wink:

You are a good lad, but if you do not wish to be a fool, take a look at ladder and tournament results before commenting.

Finally, I have no sensibilities, only communism.


It’s good that you seem to understand that sensibility and communism are mutually exclusive.


You’re right of course. It happened to me as a mod in different places too. But I still think it’s hilarious that it happened when I gave gold away for free.

It’s very interesting to me how these people’s mindset has to work seeing everything other people are doing as some insult / threat to them. Must be difficult.


crazy people everywhere you go. :man_shrugging:
The only thing to do is choose whether to ignore their ranting or confront it.

Gotta say, not paying attention to it is quite relieving

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