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Now I have a problem


You say it as if your situation is so specific. There have been many new players coming onto the forums with the EXACT same situation as you. The best advice we can offer has been offered. You kind of have to figure out the details on your own. It’s part of getting good and developing a working meta knowledge.


Yeah, I probably should have went a different route with that, but I was multi-tasking at the time and I haven’t been able to delete a comment yet…lol

I probably should have instead pointed out that continuing the conversation with people like @cloudfrog and seeing the examples they give of things they have done, or do, might even accidentally provide some insight in working with what I do have, or at the very least, helps me be sure of what to steer clear of at this point.

I get that, but conversing also helps me think these things through as well.

Either way, I’m enjoying the conversation at any rate.


Not at all.

You should always craft cards with decks in mind. It is difficult to just get cards following a priority list. Pick a deck, craft it and get good with it. That’s the best advice. And you can do that for every faction if you really want to.

I didn’t disenchant anything, wanted to go for all factions too. In the end I almost only played one faction though. Take from that whatever you want / can :wink:


What prompted you to choose to play only one faction, and without telling which faction, what made you choose that faction?


Inb4 Magmar main


I always loved dinosaurs. And I didn’t have that much time to really explore everything, so it never happened that I got bored with that faction.



If you want personal experiences then I just kept all my cards and relied on getting lucky with packs and getting better at the game, essentially just playing with what I had.


I started the same as you and always could craft one deck a season to play competetively while not sacrificing the other factions. My reccomendation is you download the sandbox (someone else can give details, i forget them) and play around. See what cards you like/dislike and then ask us about which cards you dont like are good DE’s. Secondly, try and find a deck for every faction you like and work torwards building those, but choosing one pro deck to prioritise so you can get the monthly rewards easier.

You may not be able to build what you want immediately, but just a week or two of grinding is huge progress.

Often i found i liked a specific type of deck at different points in my life. Because of this I advise you examine what type of moves you want to do as of now and ask me what decks meet those criteria, so you have a goal to work torwards while getting cards for other factions in the background.


That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing to this point. I’ve only crafted a few cards I knew I wouldn’t regret were solving problems with bosses as now each one I defeat has it’s own boss deck now. Those are currently the only decks I have that don’t change whenever I get new cards…lol

Will this sandbox work for a non-windows, non-mac user? As far as I know, as it stands I can only use the web-client to play. Would that be an issue?


Most likely not wihout the downloaded client, Im not sure however. You may want to ask another forums member like boronian (?) I personally dont use it, but it would be helpful for sure. Besides that, id just say save spirit for when you have a deck in mind that can carry you through ladder like a breeze. Not only will this greatly speed gold and card gain, but itll also be a fun way to play until you move on to the next deck of choice.

Also, if you cant download the sandbox I can explain what cards are better or worse for certain decks or playstyles, as can some other members.



Works in the browser, but you have to do it every time you want to use it. I really recommend the stand alone client.


Is there a Linux client that I just haven’t been able to find? I don’t allow Malwaresoft on my network’s side of a firewall.


Tbh I don’t know about Linux, I saw posts about it in the past but never paid much attention, so I am the wrong one to ask. The browser works fine, it is just that you have to add all scripts you want to use every time you start it.


It’s fine, I usually clear cache before I play anyway, (seems to make it run better,) a third step and another tab won’t hurt my feelers too much…lol Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Yeah check T2k5’s page, it is full with great scripts, I especially love the improvements to the collection manager, the Sandbox, the Autotipper one, the faction statistics, the deck tracker,… :smiley:



Some of those do look rather useful. Too weak in the collection for the auto-tipper though…lol I’ll probably play around with them this evening and see how well they’ll play with my script blockers and such. Again, Thank You.


Well yeah I should have not mentioned the autotipper. It is just that I always click too fast and skip the tipping screen and I have all the gold I could ever want, so this is really awesome to help getting my gold to other people who may need it more.

Though I got threatened with rape because of it :man_shrugging:


Who of us wasn’t threatened with rape for whatever reasons? It’s internet, bro :wink:


Wow…just…wow. :disappointed_relieved:


Death Knell is not a meme you fool.