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Now I have a problem


Newbie, has read too much advice, gotten confused and apparently wants more advice to make the previous advice less confusing. Even at the risk that the new advice might wind up making him even more confused…lol

In my introductory thread, I admitted I had a low win rate even on ladder. Mostly, because I couldn’t choose a faction because I liked most of them but I wasn’t worried because I thought increasing my collection of cards and experience would help me choose a faction to start concentrating on and start crafting.

Here’s the problem. Now that I’ve expanded my collection some and gotten more experience, my win rate, (while still meager in comparison to most,) has improved with all the factions and I like them all again now. Some of the cards I’ve acquired now make even the factions I only played for the faction quest feel playable now.

Given that:

  • I still suck at gauntlet making incoming spirit from that slow
  • Disenchanting feels problematic because I’m still getting either new cards and/or cards I think I can use at some point, (have only gotten 1 4th of a card so far, so at least I know that’s possible down the road.)
  • I even less want to focus on one faction than I used to
  • The key cards to craft lists I’ve seen all seem to disagree with each other.

Is there an actual “good” way to go about crafting for all factions simultaneously? Is there anyone who has played all factions from the get-go that might have solid advice on how to go about improving all factions at once? Am I just putting too much thought into crafting before I have enough spirit altogether?

I’m hoping there might be a few other players who faced this might have some advice that’s solid and doesn’t add to the pile of disagreement I’ve seen looking at those lists. Granted, most of the disagreement is on priority rather than the what, but with limited spirit it would seem that what would be most useful would be the priority and most of the disagreement seems to be what’s the most useful.

At least this was mentioned on a Reddit post I’ve seen, (which of the lists still active, disagreed on priority,) so I know I’m not the only one. Hopefully one such player is around to offer something solid.

If you did in fact read all this, thank you for taking the time at any rate.


I started pretty similar to you, trying to focus on every faction, and not DEing anything that could be useful later on (and because I play a lot of memes, that’s a lot of bad cards not being DEed this is how you collect 3 prismatic astral crusaders kids). Later on, I mainly focused on Abyssian because I had about 4-5 creep legendaries as compared to 1-2 varied archetype legendaries for other factions. As I kept playing, I kept collecting cards, and before I knew it, I had 3 S.I.L.V.E.Rs and could play with every faction.

I guess my advice is: play the faction you absolutely love the most (except magmar), and slowly collect cards from every faction, you really don’t have to worry about getting every single card of that faction, not even the epics and legendaries. Evaluate what impact a certain card will have on you as a whole before crafting to save spirit, and ask around the forums if you need help deciding on what deck to build and priority cards to craft. Through play, you’ll realize that there are some really good cards that just don’t fit in your decks.

Example: Holy Immolation
Doesn’t fit in Titan Decks + doesn’t really go into every Lyonar deck anyways. Also if your opponent assumes you have it, they purposely mess up their positioning to play around a card that you don’t have. The same can be said for Makantor Jesus, which every player plays around.

Or you could focus on a neutral archetype such as golems, arcanysts, or MECHS, which fit into nearly every faction.

Or use this, if you haven’t already seen it Disenchanting Guide v.1.96


If you want usable decks for every faction, then probably crafting neutrals that can fit across the factions would be a decent way. If you want ways to gain extra stuff then getting Twitch drops is a way to go since you can get orbs, gold, spirit from it as well as other things (like emotes, skins etc) for free by watching someone with drops enabled for 30 mins. Assuming you have your accounts linked.

You could also use budget decks for every faction, that way you can save spirit for more expensive things later on. Once you have decided on what deck or cards you want to aim for with your spirit.


There’s always going to be a faction quest

These depend on what cards are important to you. For example, Lightbender and Ephermal shroud are affordable dispels which you might want to craft to beat crazy effects and buffs. Meanwhile, flameblood warlock is a must for a deck that needs aggro.

making a competitive budget deck is a good way to enjoy the game early. I looked for decks that I can recreate closely with what i already have and run them. If you feel bad about losing, try to avoid faction quests. I’ve been playing for years and I still have trouble with winning while doing those lol.

I know this sounds like git gud scrub, but improving your piloting goes a long way in improving your winrate. Even now, I catch myself making very terrible moves. Sometimes, I watch other people play, and I think to myself “how in the world did I not think of that?” or “how the hell did he survive that?”

Finally, I encourage you to do your research and ask around before crafting. It’s a safe way to keep yourself from regretting a bad craft.


Yeah, I started that yesterday, found that guide as well as the offer for the 5 Mythron orbs. The boosts from those are what actually started giving me more choices that allowed for my win rate to recive a small boost.

My biggest concern is that I’d rather try to avoid building decks like everyone already has. I want to build decks that come at people sideways. I’d like to think that’s still possible anyway, even if it is still naivete from lack of experience.


Don’t worry, S-rank ladder shows that when done well, this kind of playstyle is rewarded.

In order to do that, you’ll need to understand how people play.
For example,
In the time I’ve played, no one has played this card against me, but I include this in my favourite decks. This card is a fucking brick in your hand, and it’s useless when you play it at 5 mana. BUT, I know for a fact that people’s instinct is to attack the general when there is an important artifact equipped to it (mindlathe, wildfire ankh). they empty their board in their turn, after that, i summon two of this at 6 mana and they concede.

Here’s the thing though:

  • this dumbass idea of mine only works with -specific- decks that use artifacts. This is what you’d call a ‘meme’
  • it took me a lot of trial and error figuring out how to make this guy work
  • This guy’s effectiveness depends on how well I pilot (am i playing cards that discourage aggressive plays? or am i playing cards that encourage it? Should I replace this for something I can use immediately? or do i hold onto it and hope it becomes useful later on?)


At this point it is very hard to come up with good new decks. There hasn’t been a patch in a long while, so almost any idea has been tested.
As for getting your faction quests done and gauntlet is not your cup of tea, there is always wanderer.

It is not a good way to play, but all you need is 1 card and you can make a competitive deck with any faction.

And it also shows you the problems of duelyst :unamused:


See what cards you have available.
Think of some ideas and make deck.
Play with deck.
Experiment and adjust deck.
See what cards you wish you had in deck. Craft cards.
Ask others on cards to improve deck. Craft cards.
Repeat and make many many decks while having fun :grinning:.

Avoid crafting too much legendaries. Unless card is great and can be used in many decks like Trinity Oath.
Note that Vanar has many decks requiring tons of legendaries.

If you keep playing and experimenting you will gradually learn what cards are useful and grow a collection. Just try not to craft a very niche card that you will unlikely touch ever again. (e.g. Don’t craft Rook.)



I don’t think you’re likely to be able to play all factions ‘from the get go’ unless you drop money (which you shouldn’t do imo), open a Mythron Wanderer (where you essentially play the same deck in different flavours) or head into gauntlet (I think this is a good one).

When I first started I picked a budget deck to build, then started upgrading it. I also headed into gauntlet, where collection size is irrelevant, you can earn good rewards if you do well with the playing field equalized, and even if you lose you’re likely to be seeing new cards and such. After playing Gauntlet for a bit and earning enough to upgrade my deck as well as make a 2nd I had the confidence to push to S rank. From there I found it fairly natural to slowly branch out.

Last Year I made a fresh second account and played each faction sequentially (so not quite simultaneously) with a budget build to S rank, I wrote articles on each. Being a Veteran it was not too difficult for me to build a new deck each month for around 2000 spirit and make it to S rank. By the end of it I had plenty of leftover spirit to do as I liked.

My feeling is that anyone would struggle if they wanted to play all 6 factions on ranked ladder from day one, so my advice would probably be to get better at Gauntlet, or if you don’t like that to build some budgetish aggro/tempo lists which often overlap a good amount of neutrals (bloodtear, primus fist, flameblood, blaze hound, spelljammer, etc) or yeah… wander.


The way I play sometimes, you might be able to get those out on me anyway, That said, I tend not to empty my board when I do attack with my general. I’d just want to try to help get your general down to what I can pull off as a lethal condition.

That’s what I’m currently doing to be honest, minus the crafting. As it stands With such little spirit, I’ve only been crafting to solve issues with bosses, given the way I play.

Until I either have a solid plan or an abundance of spirit, I don’t see mayself crafting any legendaries any time soon.

I have no intention of dropping money on something the devs aren’t actively adding value to.

You make that sound like its easy. For the moment I’m holding off on over paying for spirit and have been using the ladder to get better acquainted with the factions and deck building seeing as Gauntlet currently tends to offer me generals and cards I have no experience with and therefore no idea how to use properly.

All that said, my question was more about crafting after all the reading I’ve done about it, and how other people who had trouble deciding on a faction handled it when they were still new enough to have limited spirit income. I remind you I started in the middle - towards the end of last Season and as I do acquire more cards, am improving steadily, if slowly.

Besides, if the devs truly have abandoned this project. I might start one of my own with ideas from here and a couple other similar games I’ve played if I can come up with the art and a business model I can stomach.


My advice is to craft the core commons you will be using in your decks. Especially the commons not found in core orbs as those will be the orbs you focus on opening for more spirit.


I’m not sure I understand that. There are core commons not found in core orbs? If they’re not found in core orbs, how can they be core commons? They have commons in core that aren’t in orbs that aren’t progression cards? Or, am I completely misunderstanding?


Sorry, I was not being completely clear there.

With “Core commons” I was referring to commons that are played in decks as core cards. This includes Blood of air and sand swirl reader, erratic raptyr, inceptor, lava lance and so fourth. Look at cards that are shared between the budget lists and the top tier lists.

Edit: extending the list: Skorn, Azure herald, cryptographer, draining wave(brome, healonar), scintilla (healonar),


You said you want to build your own decks and I understand that but as a start I would craft a good budget list and learn how to play that successfully because you know that list is good and if you lose too often then it is more your skill than the deck (Duelyst is 30-40% deck and 60-70% skill imo).

There are Gauntlet guides on the wiki too.


Find one budget deck you have a lot of cards for, and play that and rack up some gold. Keep buying core orbs and your collection will grow a bunch. Then once you have everything rare and common 3x in core, I would start buying a different set (not shimzar tho) unless you need a certain epic or legendary (Makantor comes to mind)
Then repeat. Build a slightly better deck, rack up some more gold, and let your collection grow
The journey is part of the experience for me. Slowly, you’ll get access to more and more tools and go “This is neat” and you’ll be able to make amazing decks (and some really fun memes too!).


sorry, i feel like i got sidetracked talking about chakkram.
All i wanted to tell you is that it is possible for non-meta cards like these to thrive in the ladder, but it does require a lot of investment.

  • it takes a while to find these in a 1000+ card library
  • it takes some time to find cards that go well with memes
  • you risk crafting a deck that’s entirely unreliable and you’re back to square 1
  • these decks would 100% of the time, need deck essentials anyways, so there’s no downside with those.

There is, however, something I didn’t quite mention.


memes are expensive as fuck, and you’d need to reaaaallly play smart if you want to thrive with it. The guys at top 50 -are- in top 50 not because they run memes, it’s because they know what they’re doing.

sry i just wanted to do this shitty normie meme

P.S. can you kill bosses? if you haven’t, maybe we can help you with that so you can grind orbs faster


I’m not playing with that many legendaries yet anyway, I’m surely not able to even think about crafting them. So, if I do play a meme, either it’s because I already have cards I think can benefit from/it benefits. For instance, my one bastion got me a few wins in bronze , I guess because at the shock value of seeing it and making them waste a card or 2 on it. I used it because it was useful for what little I had. I’ve since gotten better cards so it’s fallen into disuse because I can’t justify it enough currently against other cards I now have that I can get more use out of. Unless I think I can get enough use out of something, I probably won’t use it.

I started in the last half of last season. This is my first full season, still playing against a LOT of cards I don’t have and have only been learning how NOT to use them in gauntlet. I’m not holding any hope for top 50, not this season at least. I’ll be happy to get more than half-way through silver this season as little time as I’m actually playing. Currently, when I decide to pay for it and have time during the day, go into gauntlet, In the evenings I pretty much run out of time finishing my quests. I’m currently more interested in collecting cards than toppling the ladder. Especially seeing some of the decks I haven’t figured out how/have what I need to beat yet. Like a few Reva decks and the Abyssian Xor decks.

Remember, my question was about crafting in a way that would get the most benefit out of it given the way I play, not being able to decide on a faction I like above the others as currently, I’m just leveling them all up. Especially seeing as I think I got prismatics instead of orbs at lvl 10/11. I figured maybe they raised the level at which orbs are attained after getting all these prismatics I can’t disenchant…lol

Yeah, Of the 4 I’ve faced, I killed 3 as the first one took me completely by surprise and wasted too much time trying to get new cards to run against it. That’s currently what I spend what tiny bit of spirit I get/have on now if I need to. Like against Cinder, I crafted a Shadow Dancer, Against Skyfall Tyrant, I crafted a couple Earth Spheres. Cade, I didn’t have to craft any, so I profited and could actually craft an epic if I wanted…lol But I’m still pretty sure there’s some other commons/rares I could probably get more mileage out of at this point. Not deciding on a faction seems to be making the decision of what would get the most mileage more difficult though.


@cookedpoo posted the disenchanting guide above in which we not only recommend what epics and legendaries to craft and disenchant, we also came up with a list of common and rare staples. And it is not even 2 weeks old. Not sure what’s keeping you from perusing that :slight_smile:


I have been perusing that. At this point though, I still don’t have that many of the cards it suggests to disenchant. As for the staples, I’m still trying to decide what I could use most right now as there are still many I’m lacking in that it’s still a big choice.

Other than that, I keep replying holding up my end of the conversation(s) as I figure, the better the situation I’m in and how I work are understood the better advice I can get that works specifically for me and the way I work.

If this irritates or hurts your feelings in any way, I apologize, but the conversation will continue as long as others wish to converse on the subject. :slight_smile:


mAdLaD. The absolute Madlad. Hats off to you my boy, even the guy with the prismatic serpentis can’t compare.