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…posting in here.

I’ve tried some CardGames recently, but I must admit: Duelyst is - by far - the most interesting one! Mainly because I like the chess-like positioning and stuff :wink:

In my absence I missed quite a few expansion. So, here are my questions, folks:

  1. Do I need to buy anything of BB or AB in order to survive online?

  2. Is it possible to get a Shim or UP card as daily free card?

  3. Regarding my first question: Is it even possible to survive online?? I mean, there are not more than ~500 players online. I’m afraid that there are so many professionals out there so that duelysts match making isn’t working for a noob like me yieks

  4. When playing (or call it: testing card) against the AI I got the impression that the computer does not use Shim or UP. Is that correct?

Besides all that. I’m happy to be part of the friendly duelyst community. And I sincerely hope, that this game will still get the credits it deserves! Because I’m having a lot of fun. Thanx!


um that 500 number is very wrong, you probably got that from steam when most people play on the standalone client or on their browser. so you should be ok :slight_smile:

And it is easier/funner to climb with newer cards but people have made it to the top of the ladder with very simple decks, It really depends on what kind of deck you wanna make.

The AI uses basic decks, and other than figuring out card interactions I wouldn’t " practice " against them because they are quite bad


for AB, you mostly just need lavaslasher if your playing magmar and blood of air for vetruvian.
for BB you need trinity oath for lyonar and punish for abyss

i havnt gotten UP commons as a free daily yet, but i figure its a matter of time

in lower levels skill is the deciding factor rather than decks. diamond is the hardest to get through with all the try hards (it lightens up a bit in S-rank cause theres nothing to lose).

the ai in practice matches uses starter decks which doesnt include any expansions. but if you download t2k5’s script, you can use a sandbox where you can play both sides with your own decks (among other things).


If you’re seeing a lot of people with high amounts of ribbons don’t fret. That just means that they’ve been playing for a looong time. It doesn’t mean that they’re unkillable Gods, but it does mean that you shouldn’t do something stupid such as line a bunch of 2/2 minions up in your general’s column when playing against Faie in order to win.

The real threats are the ones with grandmaster ribbons. Those are the pros and those are the ones that you’ll have to hope are playing slightly memeish decks to win against. Though, as long as you don’t go into Diamond or high gold, you should have a fun time playing just about anything in your deck.

  1. Depends on the faction. For RotBB, punish for Cassyva and sometimes Furiosa for Lilithe. From AB, Blood of Air is a must for any Vetruvian deck and Lavaslasher is overpowered for any Magmar deck. Other than that you’re fine, and you can survive without these cards as well.

  2. Yes for Shimzar, but it looks like a no for UP, never heard of anyone getting one. Hopefully they’ll be added to the pool eventually!

  3. That number isn’t correct, and most of the players are at a fairly low rank, your queue times won’t be too long and there are plenty of noobs. You’ll be fine :slight_smile:

  4. The computer doesn’t use any set, they only use the basic decks. Also, the computer is dumb, and the AI matches become more useless as you get better. Friendly matches are a phenomenal way to test decks without effecting rank. My IGN is the same here if you want to add me!

Glad to have you, and glad you’re enjoying the game! Out of curiosity, what cards and generals are your favorites, what do you find yourself playing?


Thanks for the warm welcome!

Due to my limited amount of time reserved for playing Duelyst, I’m currently enjoying playing a solid Vanar (Kara) deck… means that I’m prepared for many (but of course not all) enemy tactics. Abyssian would be my 2nd choice.

Today I’m signed off work because of a cold, so that I can spend some time for theorycrafting.

Any ideas what to do with 950 spirit? :wink:


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Craft faction staples, most which are commons/rares. Not going to mention epic/legendary staples however.(These are my opinions) Some cards are budget-friendly wincon.

Lyonar : Azurite Lion, Ironcliffe Guardian, Suntide Maiden, War Judicator.
Songhai : Katara, Mist Dragon Seal, Ki Beholder, Four Winds Magi, Flamewreath.
Vetruvian : Pax, Whisper of the Sands, Dunecaster, Falcius, Fireblaze Obelysk, Sandswirl Reader, Starfire Scarab.
Abyssian : Sphere of Darkness, Grasp of Agony, Void Pulse, Phantasm, Bound Tormentor, Bloodtide Priestess, Shadowdancer.
Magmar : Gro, Young Silithar, Terradon, Earth Sphere, Omniseer.
Vanar : Snow Chaser, Hearth-sister, Razorblade, Frostburn.
Neutral : Zyx, Azure Herald, Golem Metallurgist, Jaxi, Primus Fist, Sojourner, Crossbones (situational, hard counters mechaz0r), Rokadoptrea, Wings of Paradise, Blaze Hound, Blistering Skorn, Lightbender, Sunsteel Defender, Dancing Blades.

Note that most neutral minions are not staples but used frequently.


On crafting make sure you craft 3x Sojourner then 3x Blazehound as sojourner is good in any deck and blazehound is good in aggro.

I would also reccomend crafting 3 copys of every mech excluding chassis of mechaz0r and alter rexx. As mech is a really powerful budget play style.



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As said above, look for faction staples. I actually have a whole post about staples you can find here:

This hasn’t been updated for the new expansion, however, but I’m not sure if any of the new cards would be considered staples.


get 50 more and buy yourself a sweet healing mystic emote for the dankest of BMs :mysticup:


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