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November power rankings


I do say in the article, but I won’t be doing this next month. With a busy Christmas period and how doing these consistently is a bit sapping with such little changes it’s hard for me to want to keep doing these. I do feel I put noticeably less work into his one, so my apologies for that. But I think it’s somewhat important to have these be consistent to show continued activity/engagment in the game/community, but unless there actually is a change I don’t feel these necessarily need to stay monthly.

If you want to take over or have an opinion about how often or how useful these are, any ideas for improvements, etc, feel free to message me directly or discuss that, and of course the contents of the article itself, here.



I would hope no one would complain about no power rankings next month. You said it yourself, very little ends up changing, and it takes a lot of effort to put together.

But thanks as always for keeping us in the know of what’s meta. :grinning:

(In b4 massive meta change next month!)


I started a few months back, and the Power Rankings were really useful just to get a feel for what was being played and therefore what might be reasonably sensible crafting choices for a new player…

So thanks a bunch, Niklaren - really appreciate the work you (and all the other contributors) put in to Duelyst Central :slight_smile:


Do I see a Vanar list? :eyes:


yep :slight_smile:
and one of em is mine.

my work here is done


Hmm… While Wanderer is still on the list, I am surprised that many of them took a hit as other decks rise, especially the Ox. Many people still regard him as a joke. Now, maybe not so much of a joke anymore. Maybe I’ll run a deck or two with the Ox and see how far I will get.


It is different to play than the other decks, needs some adjusting.


I think wanderer reva and ebon ox are overrated, besides that i agree with the list.


I updated the wiki with it!


After playing it for a season, i think burn faie deserve a spot in the list tbh


I think that Rag Wanderer is over rated from my time playing against it. But its hard to know for certain since there are quite a few people who don’t pilot it all that well, but also don’t get punished for the bad piloting at times. As well as myself never playing the deck to know how good it is.


Wanderer Rag would not be T1 without the ramp from flash, i agree with that. But winning against a t2 wanderer is pretty hard for any deck


Flash Reincarnation: “If the next card you play this turn is a non-trial minion, it costs 2 less and takes 2 damage.”


It they will ever nerf flash, i hope they completely rework it


I somehow feel like burnhorn should be rate higher…No matter which deck i play, i feel like it doesn’t have any natural counter, it overaggro aggro decks most of the time and never run out of steam so he can compete in the long run, not to mention it has a farovable matchup vs wanderer/titan/fault :thinking:


Yeah I agree with project that wanderer reva and ox are overrated. Also I still don’t how buildmar keeps ending up on this list. Everything else makes sense. I especially appreciate arcanyst shidai being recognized finally.


I agree about ox, it placed higher than i put it. I think sometimes people actually forget the strength of wander reva due to it being fairly rare. if it was as popular as other decks i think people would remember how good it is. but if you want to get free wins playing wanderer may as well play rag, so…

Ox has risen up in people estimation, since it gets to play real cards, but still has the inevitability win con, while say Xor’Xuul & Hatefurnace have to stick closer to their specific trial requirements. But I disagree with how high it ended up, I’d put it beneath the wanderer bunch personally. I think Spammernoob skewed the votes just enough, you can see it was very close around the middle of the pack there. Spots 9 to 16 could easily change on a single voter.

Burn Faie was voted on but didn’t make the cut. There were definitely people who rated it in the top 20 though, around the #14 spot for a few people. actually i may as well just share the link for those interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nzraxJFONZkLTgq46bJjssT5i2Kir_y5CEBeRUWGPX0/edit?usp=sharing


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