November Monthly Season Card #2 ➜ Zyx


A buff Starhorn swarm needed to become a tier 1 deck? A poor man’s Mirror Meld? A heavily overstated minion for it’s cost? All of the above? You decide~ !


Sounds funny, yet potentially annoying.

But I wonder: how can it and orb weaver havevonly 1 stat point of difference?


Interesting, could have some kind of potential. I surely will give it a try, helps with the everlasting presence of skorn


Cause Vetruvian that’s why xD



for me it feels like a must have in Swarm Abyssian


Pretty nice with Kara’s BBS and Voice of the Wind on board.


This would have been really busted in old Kara.


At least Zyx has now found his true identity


so if kara BBS then summons this, does it summon 2 2/3 zyx, or does it summon a 2/3 and a 3/4?


opening gambits trigger before entering the board, so you will see 2 2/3 zyx.


Going second

2 Zyx+ Fighting spirit
2 Zyx+Razor skin

Yeah thats kinda of annoying.


You are going to waste 3 cards though.


3 mana create four 2/2 or 1/3 and give you pet isn’t bad.It will be interesting to see how zoo builds come along


it’s because Orb Weaver has the Dervish synergy


If I remember correctly, Orb Weaver isn’t random (and obviously it’s a dervish).


Was expecting a battle pet. Glad it isn’t

Also, looks so interesting. Can’t wait to test on my zoo magmar!


Meh, this effect already exist in different version. Ash guy and you said it the Vetruvian.

… doesn’t he get twice the bonus from kara ?
Summon the buffed Zyx N°1 -> Summon Zyx N°2 -> buff N°2. I might be wrong in the order of things. Maybe Zyx N°1 is buffed after summoning his buddy.


Pretty basic meme card. Kinda disappointed, the first card this month was great


I think is interesting. A nice option in the 1 slot, and i think it has some serious pontential in aggro decks. If you play 2 of this guy at the same time, you get 4 units that dont die to a simple ping and can even help you accelarate really easy. I actually think it will see play.

Im glad that ad for now, both monthlies have been simple design cards, nothing flashy.


oh god abyssian gunna be annoying as hell i can see it already … oh well tempest back at 3