November Monthly Season Card #1 ➜ Azure Herald


Sick card!

Duelyst Patch 1.74 – Duelyst

Cute spritework, decent General neutral lifegain tech? A minion that wears buffs well? Swag.


i was expecting it to be a bigger minion


Why so ? Its sole purpose is to heal ypur General


Another 2 drop to use…something that people always asked to get.

1 attck isnt a big deal because early-game you just wanna crack those 3 HP. The interesting thing is the 4 HP wich just trades well with all those 3/3 and Phoenix-fires…

And 3 health is pretty nice for healing…i mean Emerald rejuvinator gave 4 and was played EVERYWHERE…

Oh and 4 health can get the max value of Zirans BBS…nice card indeed…


The card very strong, it will have a very positive impact on the meta because it hard counters Songhai and help healyonar, just think the design is kinda uninspired, I wish it was not a 2 drop because …mystic you know.


mainly because of the animation. it gave the impression that it would be more powerful


2 mana 1/4

Opening Gambit: Negate the use of one Phoenix Fire

10/10 in my book.


I’ve never been more happy over a 2-drop. :joy:

Kudos CPG, I really appreciate designs like this!

Edit: Perhaps it’s time to boost Emerald Rejuvenator’s healing?


I feel like Healing Mystic is still going to be the played healing option. It heals 1 less, but trades better with other 2 mana minions and has the option of healing other minions. And it’s pretty rare when 1 health literally makes a difference on your general.


Nice, I think I’ll substitute my Fiz for this :slight_smile:


Looks great. Answers a lot of the complaints in the current aggro-heavy meta and makes more decks viable. Looking forward to it :grinning:


Idk. Healing Mystic has the superior statline in every matchup but Songhai since this doesn’t die to Phoenix Fire, and can also heal stuff like taygete or a 2-drop, and i don’t think many/any lists can afford to run both. Definitely viable though.


Herald heals you for 50% more hp compared to mystic. If you look at it that way it’s quite a significant number actually. Two heralds net you 2 hp more than playing 2 mystics, and considering how lackluster the healing in the game is, it could mean a world of difference, especially when playing against decks that race against time.


I agree that this looks good. Also remember that 2-drops aren’t just for turn 1. Often late in the game you have a couple of extra mana kicking around after playing other stuff, this is 3/5 of a sundrop that leaves an at least respectable body behind, even better in Lyonar.


True, but on the other hand, two heralds could also mean the opponent has an easier time setting up their board. 1 Attack isn’t threatening anything, and literally almost any other 2-drop + general attack clears herald with minimal damage taken. Herald may heal 50% more health, but it also deals 100% less damage.


1 attack minions still trade with average 2 drops with the help of your general so it’s not that bad.

edit: I just realized, why are we comparing it to mystic talking like it’s one or the other? Why not just run both instead to shit on those aggro revas?


Looks good. Game needs to slow down and it needs more viable control decks that emphasise long term strategic play. This card will help. I think I would have preferred a 2/3 instead since that is probably more useful for factions besides Lyonar. Definitely a step in the right direction. Suck it face decks.


So simple and yet so good. I also like that it isnt a mystic power creep, but an alternative you pick depending on the deck. Healyonars everywhere lol


8 Stats for 2 Mana. Too much value. CP is going crazy. I don’t like this.