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November Boss Battles


Boy Calibero didn’t age well. The only reason why it was difficult when it first came out was that tempo was hard to set up with him meeting you in the middle. Now, with new tempo options in the form of Mythrons, he doesn’t stand a chance. You might as well given Calibero the Notion of Starless Eternity Effect from the getgo and expand his arsenal. May he rest in peace until someone picks up the discarded armor and assembles him into a new upgraded version.


I just stun locked Calibero with Grandmaster zendo + Oni. Felt like I was bullying the poor guy. He did get Arclyte Regalia for his first three artifacts sooo… sorry, not sorry.


You…you tread on matters much darker than you could ever presume…



Easy boss, killed on first try at the 5 mana mark with @deathsadvocate’s Cryonic Aggro Faie.




I beat this clown with the 39 legendaries deck. Not hard at all.


I think it’s good we have bosses of varying difficulty.


Indeed. Imagine if all bosses were Shinkage Zendo level :fearful:


It is nice to see the first boss again. It was a very easy fight though :slight_smile: but fun!


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