November Boss Battles


Reality is that CPG understand that duelyst will not produce any new income so they freeze the game in the current state and focus completely in their new game, GodFall. Call me pessimistic but i dont think we will ever see new content and patches is the most we should hope for. When it comes to comunication, why would you spend time and money for a product that you clearly dont care anymore?


Patches are nice though :slight_smile:


Again, I appreciate your feedback and everyone’s here. However, my directive is still for monthly updates due to the time involved. While it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, we have several things we are working on both for Duelyst and other games right now.


q4 confirmed. Or is it?! Dun dun dunnnnnn


Guys, don’t worry. I blew my 3000 gold so there’s going to be a new expansion.


I’m going to blow all my spirit too, so it’s more or less a guarantee there will be a new expansion.


My directive?

Is Yaviey a robot? 'Cause I totally read that in a robot voice.


If she is, I bet she’s a cute robot.


D3C beaten by the power of peer-to-peer sharing and viagra.

The topmost Wraithling used to be S.I.L.V.E.R., its legacy will live on forever. :statue_of_liberty:


Well, seems you never had a job.


Or maybe he was always the boss :thinking:


Or just watched too much Wall-e.


If it helps, I blew my diamonds on skins and most of my spirit on some cards I wanted :slight_smile:


Is anyone else getting ‘we hit a snag’ every single game, especially when you’re closing in for the kill? I just…want my boss crate…


Beep boop beep.


No it worked fine for me. Just defeated the boss with a XorXuul deck.


Cheese for D3C: If D3C is fully surrounded, killing him will not summon D3CEPTICLE


Yeah I also got him with Xor. He’s pretty easy though.


Just run Embla. :cheese:


I still seems like Calibero still equips the same artifacts from ages ago (Sunstone Bracers, Arclyte Regalia, Staff of Ykir). A bit disappointing, CPG still hasn’t added any of the new artifacts since his release into his pool. Lots of lost potential cross-faction synergy.