November Boss Battles


Yeah actually. :+1: You have successfully decoded.


:joy: Please stop speaking infinitives. Me do not understand, for real.

Being a native English speaker has its perks, isn’t it? :wink:

Well, it certainly IS what it is, but I’m not obliged to be satisfied by it or be silent about my concerns.


Isbee must’ve wiggled the batteries quite a bit then :sweat:

No, it just means you have less of an excuse when you can’t form a coherent sentence in 10 seconds flat. :abysspls:


Who said you must be silent? Oh, everybody? Well yeah that’s a good idea.

Das joke.

Why doesn’t alplod become CM?


Cause I’m in Russia you know…

I don’t know, I allowed myself to vent here on a completely different topic than Q4 content…




but, but… ah screw it. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell so I guess it works out




Why are we even talking about Q4 content? It’s a myth like how humans only use 10% of our brains or the female organism


Female Organism?! :rofl:


Yeah bro. The female organelle


No, no…I got it. :wink:


Yeah…female osteology amirite? :smirk: :thonk:




I understand your frustration very well. Copypaste the old threads made by Thanatos doesn’t seem like any work at all. It is done in 5 minutes, 5 minutes once a week. @yaviey doesn’t even need to search on the forum this wiki page has all the forum links, copy paste, edit the dates and the line about the boss crate and you are done :slight_smile:


After reading this post, I felt strangely willing to open ePSXe for some reason. What kind of magister trickstery is this? Then the pieces fell together; it was, all along, my subconscious reaction to the mitochondria word- its been monts and I still havent finished Parasite Eve.


Thanks for your feedback but for now it will remain monthly. We’ll keep monitoring player feedback on if this should change but for now this has been what the internal team has decided to do to support this.


Hi Yaviey, in my opinion the weekly copy-paste and new threads were much more valuable to the community. New players need these discussions as the Boss events are difficult for them.

In monthly format the announcement thread gets burried and locked by the forum after a while, and then no discussion occurs - or if it does, it comes in the form of a negative “this boss is too hard” topic instead of a festival of “look at what I did to beat this boss” screenshots.

It’s also a cheap opportunity to soothe the disconnect between CPG/Bandai and the player base here.


I guess it is just not in the “To Do” list for the BN community management team, for better or worse.


I’m pretty sure it’s in their to-do list, but not a priority when considering the cost effectiveness of any action. Hence me pointing out that there’s a low time investment in the weekly community information about Boss Battles, @thanatosnoa having already done all the work and myself having already updated the texts for a majority of Bosses.