November Boss Battles


Nice, individual threads are much better for discussion purposes


Thanks for your answers, I appreciate them and don’t feel left hanging there.


OMG, I Zendo’s finally down :exploding_head:.

4 more to go


Well, in all fairness, I don’t appreciate these answers. In true Duelyst tradition these are not answers at all.

I am sarcastic about the future of Dooli and all other sad topics most of the time, but I don’t think that I’m as super negative as some other community members are. But I am negative on these answers.

Well, it’s OK if we do some separate topics for bosses ourselves.

It’s OK if top 50 list is made by @rhacker93 - he makes it a very interesting read.

It’s OK if Artificer Academy is dead in about 3 months from being announced. Happens. Should have said that is dead and not postponed, but whatever.

It’s OK if there’s no much info on the mythical Q4 content.


Who is the mastermind behind this lack of…fckn anything I don’t know. But at this point I don’t see much from CM at all. I wonder if … how to spell it even remotely politely? … we have CM at all. I don’t see any work from CM to put it blant.

As a human being I perfectly understand that it is probably disgusting to participate in the activities of the community which lost all trust and most of hope, read all those negative comments. But…

Is it really so fckn time consuming to post top 50 list once a month? What is to discuss here? To make one post a week about boss battle? It can be copypasted. It would make it easier for me to pretend nothing changed and we’re are not abandoned.

I don’t know what other work does @yaviey for other communities. And I don’t bother. I see almost NOTHING here! (thx for supporting contests though) And I am…and we are here. It’s all we know.

On jobs where I needed to make several projects simultaneously I somehow was never allowed to say: “You know, I didn’t do anything on project A cause I worked at project B”. Maybe it’s just my problem though.

Cheers but no cheers. Everything go fck and burn. I’m somehow pissed off beyond measure.


Well she said it herself (albeit not in this thread so I can’t quote it), she gets the information on developments from the devs and so far the devs haven’t communicated anything to her. Taking out your frustations on a CM won’t change anything unless you’re willing to address the devs who control the situation.

It’s one thing if yaviey wasn’t conveying the communities concerns to the devs, but the problem at hand is the lack of comms from the ones who make the darn thing.

If anything, people should be pinging Keith Lee on twitter to see if they can get a status update.


Its all part of CP,s masterplan:frustration is fun and we are getting pretty frustrated by them :thinking:


With all due respect, if you read my post correctly I’m not accusing CM of the lack of Q4 content or information about it. I’m dissatisfied with the fact that too little is done at all.


That bolded part of your argument makes sense, but if that really is the case then I don’t see why you included this;


and especially this;

Your arguments on the lack of Q4 content were argument enough, but there was no need to add the things that had nothing to do with progressing Q4 content. Weekly boss topics and top 50 lists are things we as a community can do ourselves and often times with more flavor than what the CM provides (no offense CM’s, bepoest just did a really good job with those announcements though I do miss emil’s double posts).

Whether it was reports of declining steam player numbers, tilting metas, or even undisclosed account lockouts yeah, you better remember that; we’ve been in this foreboding sense of DOOM before, but we’ve always made it through. Just equip a heart and don’t blame a CM for doing her job, no matter how dissatisfying it may seem. I’m sure things will get better.

Edit: Ok, now that I’ve re-read your post for a fourth time, are you mad that she doesn’t do the lists and weeklies for us?

p.s: oh dang several people are typing…should I call the ambulance now or later :sweat_smile:


Small conspiracy time.

I speak in non-accusatory tones here, its not the CMs fault.
But its as if Yaviey isnt being paid to be Duelyst CM, it feels more like its Bandai’s way to pretend there is one- “focusing efforts elsewhere” is quite a pedantic approach to this whole lack of everything deal. Like I’d believe Bandai cant afford to have a CM make a thread per week. A single thread per week, whose content may as well be a rehash of previous thread texts, Bandai cant afford it, it needs that effort elsewhere? And how can the effort to make a top 50 once in a while be so precious that Bandai absolutely must drop it? If she’s not doing those things, there must be a good reason. The reason being she was pushed into this role with no real knowlege or pay for it. If you think of it like this, It even makes sense that Yaviey cant answer any of the questions we ask- because this isnt even her real job, its just screening.


I understand why Aplod is angry though.

The boss threads are the absolute last bit of regular activity we can see from Duelyst. And somehow, this tiny, minuscule amount of effort has been cut.


Go on isbee, say what ya gotta say


I believe this is one trigger:

I know it’s really difficult to determine the true intent of what people say if it is not explicitly communicated, but given the situation as a whole, the tone of this statement can be seen as a little dismissive of the importance we place on this community. I get that there isn’t anything to tell us, but to openly say that someone’s time has been deemed more important to spend on one assigned role than another can really…well…seem to delegitimize our concerns.

I can appreciate the frustration that is voiced here in this thread…the tension is almost palpable.

Like it was said, those of us still lurking around these forums…and those who are still investing a significant amount of time here…this place is not insignificant to our lives. We wouldn’t be here if it was. I know we were somewhat…spoiled, if that is even the right term…by previous CMs. I know it sucks to lose what is comfortable. I know that things are disheartening right now.

I also know that it’s not personal on yaviey’s part…in the sense that she would actively choose to insult our love of this place. In fact, the opposite is more likely; the it’s more impersonal…we have developed great affection for our little corner of the world we call Duelyst…and our history, our endeavors, our friendships; they are very, very focused in our minds.

Not so much for yaviey…and I cannot ultimately find any fault in that. There just isn’t enough of a history. I can find cause for misunderstandings, but not active slights.


The reasons are not in Q4 content. The reasons are not in the lists. The reasons are not in the boss battle topics.

The reason is nothing of the above happens. Nothing. I hoped non-@stormshade CM would suddenly do at least ANYTHING previous CMs were doing. At least something. Beyond Diamond sales notifications.

Have you found out we don’t even get notifications of holiday gifts? Twitter is dead?

Maybe our CM is very busy about Dooli somewhere we don’t see. On cell level I’m very busy. Maybe. But for me it looks like @stormshade just offered us @yaviey as a sacrifice fodder. “OK, guys, you have your CM now, now stop bothering me, bother her”. Not in order to make this community alive, no. To make us have a feeling everything is alright.

Nothing’s alright. Nothing is fine.

P.S. Oh, fck, I’m one of those flamers now. Shut me up.


Me too. I’m not blaming her for doing her work bad or smth. I guess she does as much as she’s supposed to. That’s the problem.



I accidentally posted before I was finished. It happens. I may add more…or not.

Exactly. That’s what concerned me. That’s why I quoted what I did from her post. :disappointed_relieved:


Why can’t we just be satisfyed with the current state of the game and I know this is a thought crime just wait and see what happens? Perhaps when the end of the year comes by and there isn’t a new expansion or even a balance patch, then we can be a little mad. And clearly yaviey is very busy and has no information that you want. And sure maybe yaviey isn’t doing what past CMs did but we as the community can do most of it ourselves. So just chillax and stop pinging yaviey a hundred times.


It’s funny how everybody assumes that anger is about Q4 content while it is not.


We assume there’s anger about everything. It just be how it do.


Errrm. I don’t understand your message, fellow human being.


He means to say…

It is what it is.


Ya know. Just how be it do it. That’s all.