November Boss Battles


Hey Duelysts! For the month of November 2018, here are the Boss Battles to prepare for:


11/1 – 11/6: SHINKAGE ZENDO

He has walked the path to oblivion and now, so shall you!

11/8 – 11/13: D3C

A perfectly engineered weapon designed to destroy MECHZ0R and all those who would protect it.

11/15 – 11/20: CALIBERO

Calibero is roaring for a fight!

11/22 – 11/27: MONOLITH GUARDIAN

The Monolith Guardian waits stoically for his next challenge. Are you up to the task?

11/29 – 12/4: WU’JIN THE TRICKSTER

A master of cunning and deception, Wu’Jin has journeyed far in search of a worthy adversary.


Duelyst Boss Battles are weekly in-game events where players can fight bosses for rewards. The events start each Tuesday at 2:00 PM PDT and last until the following Sunday at 2:00 PM PDT. Each boss varies in difficulty but in general, players can expect to win against them using basic and common cards, along with skill and luck. Since these are PvE battles, there is no time limit to fight against them. Each win against a boss yields a free Boss Crate and a Core Orb.

Jump into Duelyst and experience the fun! Duelyst is free-to-play and Boss Battles are a great way to get free rewards just for playing the game. We hope you’ll join us!



What did Monolithic do again? :thinking:


Inbuilt Thunderclap, revives as a 5/20.


Surprised to see calibero again.


I think I must have been gone when calibero was a boss, he doesn’t look familiar at all.


Zendo AND Wu’jin?



I think he is the first or second boss that ever existed


Calibro returns after so long!


Don’t forget the hardest boss of all, Q4 content.


Wu’jin is tough? I didn’t think he was that tough when I faced him.

And I might have a plan for Zendo. Going to test it out when I face him.


He was the first one.


@yaviey don’t we get single boss threads anymore every week where we post our strategies to defeat that boss? We always linked to them on the wiki for other players who need help.

Is that too much work nowadays?

I know we can post everything in this big thread but it will be pretty chaotic and not easily sifted through.


Why can’t we make the dedicated threads ourselves? It’s not that hard!


I wonder why they replaced the superior dailys with bosses…too much work was the reasoning but if they are recycling stuff they could have recycled the dailys too.It has been a LONG time since we got a new boss


Many daily puzzles don’t work anymore because of nerfed cards.

@alplod you are right, @bepoest did do that for some time till the new CM came and said she would take over again. We can do that, it is not hard and time intensive so I wonder what prevents our CM from doing it. I also asked repeatedly in private messages about the future of artificer academy and Top 50 lists (especially Gauntlet) but didn’t get any answer. So I start asking about stuff in public.


Calibro was part of the tutorial (the very first opponent you face I believe) before he was a bot


And I am never playing lyonar again


Thanks for the question. The team decided to do once a month instead of weekly because my time is supposed to be allocated elsewhere. We apologize for the inconvenience. You may definitely feel free to make individual threads if you wish.


I am not at liberty to discuss the other items at this time as we are still discussing how we want to handle these.