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Nov 2016 Gold Tipper Final Rankingsby Counterplay Games / December 16, 2016

Duelyst Top 50 Gold Tippers for November!

In the karmic spirit of giving, the Top 5 Gold Tippers each month will receive a special physical loot crate shipped to their home anywhere in the world.

Currently, this epic loot crate contains the limited edition Penny Arcade Lyonar Pin, Penny Arcade Songhai Pin, and rare Steelflame Keychain. The contents of the goodies will vary in future months.

In an effort to increase the eligibility for the pins, players can only receive the pins once. Consequently, we’ll go down the list if a player had already received the prize.

Note: Please contact ThanatosNoa to give him your mailing address.

Join us in recognizing ALL the generous spirits here!

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