Not your average Vetruvian deck


Built this deck for fun but it’s been doing extremely well on the ladder but I haven’t came across anything similar


I’ve been meaning to try a similar version of that deck but I’m kind of on the grind to S-rank so I’d rather not right now. The decks main issue is that it’s greedy and slow as all hell. The deck wins by value minion combat which is super slow which lead to it getting run over by a lot of fast meta decks. Mainly Faice, Spellhai/Aggrohai, and Tempo Aregon will kill you by the time your poerful dying wishes hit the field.


Why not use Keeper for this kind of deck?


To random for me


Talk about a clickbait title, could just spell out it’s a Corpse Combustion list.

So, where are you in ladder? You say it’s been doing well, but not where. People did run it a bit when Shim’Zar hit, and it’s a fun meme deck, but most people put it aside when they wanted to climb higher.


As of right now I’m at rank 5 and would probably be S-rank if I would’ve been playing all month but I haven’t been able to, Oh and on a side note most games I don’t even play corpse combustion


Have you considered running Allomancers? Not sure what you would switch out, but those are some pretty powerful cards. Also are very good dispel bait so that your Aymara Healers are more likely to survive.


I have considered Allomancers just can’t decide what to take out


Oh, the classic:
I am rank 5 but would have been S if I had tried / had time to play / didn’t get bad rng / whatever.

Sure the deck a bit different in a sense that is uses the old strat people deemed to be useless but might be better now due to all the new cards. But even then I just can’t see it reaching S, in any scenario. I’ll be more than glad if you prove me wrong and actually manage to reach it the next month. I want un7 to be a good card myself.


Cool, was thinking at a Dying wish vet deck.


This is a cool & original deck!

I remember playing against you, it was the only time I’ve seen Oserix in all my games and he went ham!

I hope it continues to work for you, going so off meta takes a lot of skill, I bet it will get pretty tough near S-rank - I think this is pretty impressive, wish more players did stuff like this :slight_smile:

Edit - Just realized this thread is 3months old, sorry…