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Not Terrible Doom Deck


Feels like forever since I last shared a deck, but worry not, I am here to provide a high quality meme list for you all today.

Today, we’re playing Doom, a card with unrivaled lategame power. 3 turns after casting it, your opponent will instantly die. But as a 9 mana card that asks you to more or less skip your turn, it’s easy to imagine falling behind after playing it. Naturally, an empty board gives you time to cast Doom more than a board filled with enemies. For this reason, the deck utilizes a shell of stabilizing tools, meant to keep the board under control while you bide your time for the final countdown.

Your single target removal includes daemonic lure and punish, while your AoE consists of a few varied and conditional options. Throw in Desolators for artifact matchups, Magesworn for spell-based burn/combo decks, Silhouette Tracers for quick escapes from unmanageable boards or scary 10 atk Vaaths, and a little extra healing to help you reach the late game, and it’s surprising how much this deck can handle.

Like with any control deck, it’s important to predict how a match will play out. It influences your replaces and when you choose to make use of certain resources in your hand. The Breath of the Unborn you may keep against Strategos for Jax Truesight could be dead weight against a mantra list for example.

Ultimately, the end goal is to cast Doom and, well, survive. Pulling the trigger on Doom without properly stabilizing can be game-ending, so be sure you can afford to cast it. Once you’ve played Doom, your mission isn’t necessarily to control the whole board, just the parts that immediately threaten you. A card that can’t threaten before Doom triggers is a card that doesn’t exist :wink: .

I don’t promise you a tier 1 deck. I promise you a “not terrible” deck. And I would hope these stats suggest it’s not bad (granted this was from my climb to Diamond this season. I played this last season in S to about 60% success).

Moral of the story: your memes can be more than dreams, and Abyssian is secretly OP. Tell your friends!



obligatory @galaxydueler comment



Looks fun! I’ll definitely try it out.

A couple of questions:
-with only 2x Doom, no card draw, and no other win conditions, how difficult is it to ensure you have a copy by the time you need to cast it? Is it to the extent that you need to keep it in your opening hand, or can you afford to replace it there?
-Bloodbound Mentor seems kind of awkward here. Can you explain why you chose it?



You beat me to it. :+1:



It’s no secret to those who have eyes to see.



Blood bound Mentor serves a few purposes. Wanderer matchups like Ragnora or Reva now require 2 damage to clear a bbs. Mentor helps in that regard. It also helps clear fault tiles twice as quickly, or the bbs you get in hand could be replace fodder if nothing else.

Lightbender is up for contention as a replacement for Mentor as this deck lacks dispel, which is great for eggs, walls, tiles, atk buffs, and undying minions among other things.

I might try Lightbender out later, as I consider it and Magesworn to be the two best tech cards in the game.



You absolute madman.



I added it to the wiki. (By the way I did some wiki reorganizing and decklists and guides can be found in two separate articles now)

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I remember losing to this-before doom was even played :thinking:
Don,t ask how that could happen



Chain of Desolators? That’s the only way I can think of


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