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Not new to Duelyst, but pretty new to the forums


Not to u lol. fite me


Welcome to the forums :smiley: You’re in the right place if you’re here to git gud. These guys sent me from silver to S-rank in a single month.


Jeez… I guess the fact that how I got better was mainly observing other people was why I took so long to hit S.


that’s okay xD I’ve yet to hit S-rank again. i’m practically terrible at fighting anything that’s not finality vaath or pre-IV mantrahai.


I have yet to hit S again because I’m a diamond player but if I was arsed enough to ladder for 22.5+ hours I could make it to S.


Woooah that’s so cool! The highest Ive reached is rank 14 on my own hehe ;; rn I’m at rank 15 and still trying to look around for stuff that’ll work for me uwu

I’ve been playing for more or less half a year, but I know I still have long ways to go uwu


You finna catch these hands?
I’ll cut you


HAHAHAHA. Meet up tomorrow leggo sparring, g?


I can think of more fun things to do than meeting up on on a Monday afternoon.
Like Disgaea power leveling.
or self-immolation.


I can take you unarmed. Fite me.


1v1 me Tekken I main Warframe boi.


Henlo, fren. Kinda late for the welcome commitee (or however that word’s spelled), but I still wanted to cash in my salute. Not a regular user of the forums, but I’ve also been meaning to check these more myself. I’m more active on the subreddit, but I think the community here is really cool. You can add me in game for some friendly fisticuffs! (IGN is Rocksaint as well)
And if you seek for content creators, I highly recommend SonOfMakuta (he’s Adam Thomas on Youtube, and apocalyptic_squirrel on Twitch). He makes some great deck techs, gameplays and overall educational videos. You shoukd check hin out!


I’m late. Oh well.

Heya Bel. Welcome, et cetera. If you’re looking for any specific advice about anything, anytime, let us all know, and the hivemind shall provide you with answers.

Have fun and stuff.


Thanks, man! I gotta admit, with the amount of time that’s passed, I feel pretty welcome already and I’m not super new to the forums anymore. Happy feelings, nonetheless uwu

Godspeed, fren uwu


Ohohoho, tenk you. Never too late to say hi to another friend uwu

Will do! Everyone here is really nice anyway, I’ve had no problems with approaching anyone so far uwu


People here are pretty cool. I’d be flat shocked to find you had any problems with anyone.

Can you give me a translation guide to uwu, owo, et cetera? My weird-face-thingy-speak’s a little rusty.


It’s faces that furrys make when role-playing… Feel free to ignore those faces like I do.


Don’t be mean to littlebelsprout :frowning:


By all meanskek, be as mean as you see fit.

I can neither confirm nor deny that she is a furry


Are you a furry if you are partially a plant?

She is called bellsprout after all?