Not new to Duelyst, but pretty new to the forums


Awesome, enjoy yourself here


Welcome to the forums!

I also played my fair share of Cassyva back in the days. Now Abyssian is not in a good spot, but I’m confident we will make them great again when the expansion hits!


Welcome! We may be just a small collection of Duelyst players here, but we are friendly and helpful (mostly😉).


:3c Danke. I already feel the very warm welcome uwu


Tenkuuu :smiley: I’m super excited to make new friendos


I make some posts occasionally :tada:


Oh halloo! A pleasure to make your acquaintance uwu


I just got it! Or not. Are you…?



Hello smol one, I hope you have a good time while you are here and receive the help and advice you need to keep getting better! If you ever need help with the Songhai faction, just ask me, @eurasianjay and @yerboijosh, they are very good players.

Also, I forgot, ask the memer above me, he is a songhai player as well.


Well, actually at the moment I’m better with Lilithe than Hai. Still, I’d be glad to provide any help needed.


The uwu is strong with this one. It may be too much for me to handle! welcome.


I have no idea what you’re talking about.


YES! :smiley: dat is me.


Hallo fren. I am enjoying the warm welcome so far. Right now, aside from Abyss I’m exploring Magmar a bit, but I’ll be sure to let you know if I get interested in Songhai owo


owo uwu =w= b In actual conversations my uwu is not as obvious hehe.


Welcome to the forums! Glad to see a new forum member :slightly_smiling_face:



Speaking from experience: it is VERY obvious.


Looks like a pretty spectacular welcoming is already underway. Anyways, welcome to the forums!


Glad to be here! I hope I’ll be able to contribute something useful in some time uwu


Thank you, friend uwu. Always glad to see friendly people stopping by to say hi owo