Not new to Duelyst, but pretty new to the forums



I am Bel. I am smol, and as mentioned in my topic header, I’m not really new to Duelyst. I got around to playing sometime last year because a friend of mine really insisted I tried it out. I’m mainly an Abyssian user. I love Cassyva and spikey spikeyness.

I feel like I’m nearing an end to my limitations to what I can learn by figuring stuff out on my own. The same friend who pushed me to get into Duelyst told me to get into the forums. This is the first time I’ve joined a forum of any kind and I’m excited to learn more about how to git gud as well as make some friends c:

Sooo yeeee. Looking forward to what’s in store for me here.

Cass Maximum Frenzy - Alplod's (Stupid) Gimmicky Ideas

Welcome to the cult!

Highly recommend you try out “this thread’s title has finally been decided upon.”


Now what kind of asshole would pressure someone into playing some obscure indie game, then force them to join the slowly dying forums?



Ohohoho. Thank you friend, will do u w u


@epicflygon Wait what are you doing

stop that

bad flygon


Don’t treat me like a dog!


I thought that was one of your kinks?


HAHA. That IS a good question. If I recall his username rhymed with maltyslabdoomed.


I’m not into petplay.


Sounds like a cunt.


Welcome! Abyssian main here too. If you want to try something new and are not sure what to play, you can drop by my Abyss deckspace and get some new horrible memes neat ideas.


Sureee! tenks, friend owo


Welcome to the community! We’re all pretty cool here

If you ever have a question / need help, you can ask me or @isbee, he’s pretty knowledgeable

If you’re interested in sharing memes or talking about nothing, go to that thread Flygon mentioned


Noted! :0 thank you very much, friend u w u


Also,.can highly recommend checking out the weekly robin rounds that I host every week, they are pretty cool, safly this week’s one has already started.

#shameless plug


Are there any active female members here? :000


None that I can remember, letigress is all who come to mind but she isn’t a forumgoer.

And envybaer left this game.


Most of us are guys or haven’t said but I’m not sure, there may be

it’s cool that the community is growing like this though


Unless @isbee convinces Isbae to join the forums.


Ohohoho I’m glad to now be a part of the community then~ @saltystabwound has been trying to convince me to start getting involved with the forums for a long while now, but I only got to it today xD weee