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[not mine] Ice Age OTK deck


Look at what this fine gentleman has posted on duelsite.com:




“You are not allowed to play this game”, the deck.



Did you miss AB?



A few notes, since i’ve been running this kinda deck since ice age came out and had my fair share with a similar version.

This deck will lose… alot due to some key points.

  1. No removal - ilena needs her gloves! And using so many stun spells with no removal only delay your death by turn.
    The ultimate answer to ice age is to have enough damage on board in order to blow your enemy away in the turn between ice age to wincon.
    And not clearing a board constantly will not help you get rid of 4 health backline minions (dancer, decimus, mortar etc…) and live you open to damage during the mid game when buffs are easy to apply.

No hailstone prison is a hard hit too, i would suggest putting in cloudcallers or cryo + shivers for draw and aotm for a precise clear with shivers.

  1. Not much of a setting - counting on ice age alone to do the job is a bad idea because ice age can be countered before you can apply the combo.
    Using luminous charge can apply the pressure needed to deliver an early blow (turn 6/7) without waiting for a long combo ( by vanar means combo become problematic when it exceed the 2 cards limit, setting and a trigger).

  2. Not many good targets to reflect - if you go with ilena you have the power house for reflection - yggdra voracity. Sticky as hell, strong, heals itself, and kills almost everything.
    Since you have abju and gravity well, use yggdra and drop a killing blow on turn 6.
    Why wait till lategame when emp is a real threat?

Also if you wait that much might as well use embla too to strenghen your end game, reflection on embla is a killing blow most of the time - really fun too (stronger then wake half of the times).
Also - cloudcallers and krons.

  1. You need a form of draw otherwise you running on a fixed amount of fuel and dropping for a kill and getting countered will leave you in a deep hole.

I’ll suggest something like this

This is not the craziest take on this deck ( since i’m not next to my computer i can’t fetch the exact list, but this is a good idea on how reflection deck can kick ass) .

I would suggest my last s rank deck but seeing seraphim as a big part of your deck i felt like it wouldn’t fit here.

I really enjoy seeing people developing vanar with new ideas, warms my heart (and takes a load of my back XD)
Great job man:)
Sorry if it seems harsh, i post it with love and these are suggestions, you can take them all, you can take none, or just a part.



I also want to add that in 1.95 Frigid Corona could still stun generals :slight_smile:

So Wimpish ran 8 doable T1 plays back then.


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