Not a Mantra rant, but need advice


Are you asking me?

Lately, I’ve been playing lots of Ascension Sajj (bad against Mantra), different Lil swarm (bad against Mantra), Artihai (bad against Mantra), Artifact/Midrange Kaleos (bad against Mantra, and meme in general) and Frenzy Cass (bad against all non-minion decks, but decimates Wanderer and Fault).


Step 1: Be Vetruvian
Step 2: Have Prophet of the White Palm, Orbriders and Mirrorim
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

(This idea is not liable for any losses incurred against decks that include but are not limited to- decks with no spells, decks with few spells (25% of cards), decks that aren’t Songhai, decks with Kaleos, decks with more then 6 artifacts and decks without firestorm mantra.)


yup, i just think mantra is one of those decks whose answer depends on what you run.

some sticky minions are actually pretty useful here. Usually, they don’t expect it. but if they do, and they use OBS, they won’t expect the chakram or shadow reflection.

idk what other tips i can give. I hope that helps.


Swarm Lili actually has it quite bad with beefier choices against Mantra (at least agains those who run Crescent Spear, which I guess they should). Wraithcrown is the only decent one I can think of, which still goes easily away with pings. Shadowdancer? Obs or Spear+PF. Vorpal? Nice, but they kill you at 7. Bloodmoon? Ehehehe.


For me the best (and the only) bet against Mantra with Swarm Lil is Locke Furiosa BBS at 5 mana, and pray for RNG gods for good wraithling placement and absence of 8g8s+ lightning.


oh good lord no wonder you’re struggling. That’s just one of those bad matchups. One of the worst in the game atm.


  • consider white palm as tech. Magesworn is not reliable for its cost given the number of spells mantra packs costing 3 or more mana.
  • Mantra is uncommon enough and a bad enough matchup that teching heavily for it defeats the purpose of the deck and the matchups it does to well against (anything lacking in aoe, notably vet)


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