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Non-wanderer swarm Ragnora


i think the idea is to kill a bunch of enemy minions, and summon eggs. idk how this would do, but it seems like it could be fun. any suggestions?


Add Tracer to suddenly land between enemy minions wielding Scale and Reactor and turning everything around yourself into eggs.

And you can have even more eggs with mentor and crypto!

Of course, these advices are noncompetetive…as the deck itself.


A fun idea. I would just recommend the more midrange approach with all the usual go to magmar staples if trying to be competitive is your goal, but if we want to forgo that and keep the cool spirit of the deck I do have some ideas on how to get it fairly competitive:

+3 Cryptographer, -3 Valknu: While I really love the card, it is really not great, and if you do want to use it its better off for Vaath. Meanwhile Crypto will give you another opening play and a cheaper egg to hatch.

+3 Rebuke, -3 Deep Impact: While decent your lack of pings makes it awkward, meanwhile Rebuke is just to good to pass up.

+3 Charm, -3 Scale. Charm is just to good to pass up, while Scale might be cool with Reactor without Vaaths atk boost I doubt it will be worth it and Rebuke covers your AOE needs.

So I would say either -3 Stampede, +3 Greater Fortitude or leaning into the lategame. Stampede can have a place but I do not think mixing it with an artifact focus is the way to go.

If you want to lean into the late game:

+3 Extinction Event, -3 Flaming Stampede: Flaming is pretty neat but its a really awkward card and the deck really needs a way to actually close out the game. While 3x Extinction is generally super overkill, if your forgoing the hatch/fortitude or midrange approach this may be the way to go.

+3 Finality, -3 Eggmorph: You are already running Abjucator so the deck is just begging for finality, and you either need morph/fortitude or neither of them.



would it need greater fortitude with dreadnought?


Dreadnought gives the eggs themselves stats, not the things hatched from them. Its great at keeping your stuff alive, but it is not a finisher.


oh. :stuck_out_tongue: that is why i had him in there. thanks!

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