No titans, no Strategos, just Brome and his millions


Not in my experience. More bodies to buff has been more valuable because it disallows most early removal being too effective. And a 4-5 mana immolation play hasn’t been an issue for me. I’m not recommending getting rid of Holy Immolation, what made you think I did?


No, i was simplay stating lion has a strong combo with imo, so I suggested keep both in, or chuck both out


I suppose your argument is that Lion is especially good with Immo because you have more control over its placement and can use immolation to double punch without having it die? Immolation has been consistently great on anything for me and positioning hasn’t been a significant issue because there was never a shortage of fresh bodies to place.


Its just a good opener, but there is certainly better options


@loliconartist, in my experience, you never run less than three holy immolation in any Lyonar deck, unless it’s a titan deck.

@thematsjo, I figure legions should be an absolutely natural fit in a deck like this. Think of all the surgeforger and auroara triggers. And filling your hand with crestfallen doesn’t seem like a problem as long as you can use up one card post-legion to avoid overdrawing. You can cycle the crestfallen you don’t need anyway.

Could I trouble you for a list? I’d like to see your take on this deck, and, I mean, you do have a Brome avatar, this might be your area of expertise.

Edit: Did you see the change to how auroara and Grand Strategos work? They work with silverguard knights now. I think I want to fit knights back into this deck. Hmmm, this also means auroara works with prominence.


I’m not sure how much of an expert I am on Brome but I played this deck in Silver-Diamond a whole bunch over a decent period of time. My version is a bit more explode-y and trades longevity for more immediate board presence. I haven’t been playing since Mythron so I can’t speak to its efficacy now. If anything I suspect that the faster it is the better it gets because you can theoretically outrace T&Ds and DDoSHai. When unimpeded you can win on turn 3.


Owlbeast punch doesn’t need costly spells, it needs cheap spells.


My old Ziran deck also had no Holy Immolation…


In the arena of arcanysts, I bow to your expertise. They are your specialty, after all.


The fact that I prefer tinkering with something doesn’t make me a specialist in anything. Don’t overestimate my expertise :grin:

BTW, @deathsadvocate runs Immo in Owlbeast punch.


So, is Titan still viable?

edit: oof, forgot the thread title.


All good, all good. Also, when I saw the deck with Brome as the general, I thought for just a moment that this post was by @thematsjo.

That’s how much I associate him with Brome’s face, apparently.


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