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No titans, no Strategos, just Brome and his millions


I don’t have titans, other people have already made Strategos lists, I’m just trying to hammer out a Brome murdergang that works. Here are the options I see, including sun wisps for those Unlimited folks:

I originally had 39 unique cards here, but I dropped a few of the less-likely minions just to make the list smaller, it still goes off the screen. I’ve never put together a Brome swarm, so I’m not really sure the right way to do this. How much removal, and which removal? How many cards to trigger auroaras and surgeforgers? Do legions belong in this deck?

Here’s an attempt of mine:

I don’t have dreamgazers, empyreal congregations or skywind glaives, but I’d be willing to make them if they’re auto-includes for what I’m trying to do here.

All advice and lists are appreciated.

New edit, replacing the old, stupid edit which had a deck three cards short:

Still no skywind glaives. Has war surge and empyreal congregation to make stuff big, and has sun bloom instead of ephemeral shroud because I don’t want to get ruined by some value generator I can’t reach. Possible changes would be drop bloom for shroud, drop war surge for glaives, drop azurite lion for shroud, and drop azurite lion for glaives.


Has little removal, none of it ranged, but has about as much swarmbuffing as you could possibly ask for.


Boulder breacher is great with this set up.
Skywind glaives is neccessary to actually deal damage, but I would just wait to pull it from orbs


Thanks for posting the second list, I was about to kill myself looking at the first.


The first list wasn’t a playable deck, it was just a list of cards that might be considered for this kind of deck.

Edit: I stated this fact immediately above that decklist. Please read carefully.


@loliconartist, a good pair of glaives might be just what Brome needs. I’m not feeling the boulder breachers, I’m afraid, I don’t have that many golems, and they’re kinda slow. They’re not a bad idea, but I feel like there are better options.


Mettalurgist just aint strong enough then, celebrant is all you need to get warblade somewhat reliably, and you can do better things at 2 mana


:rage: No, @oranos, I explained in my opening post above that decklist, and in a post responding to @galaxydueler, that list is a collection of possible card options for Brome. It’s not even a runnable highlander deck, it doesn’t have a full 39 cards. Please read carefully, I’m not trying to be nasty to you, but posts like this are frustrating.

@loliconartist, if I’m going to run warblade, I’d rather have enough golems to trigger it very reliably, but I’d be happy to drop golems entirely and run war surge and some other minions. I’d even consider going deeper into golems and running sol pontiffs, they can work with auroaras and surgeforgers at the same time in the same way silverguard knights do, you just have to not bring them down next to Brome.


Well, pontiffs dont buff enough things to be worth it, especially without the full bb golem package.


You have ways to flood, but few ways to win. I suggest shiro puppy dragon, zyx, possibly fealty (if u go hyperswam) and more removal such as draining and martyr.


i think fealty would work better than oath for a deck so focused on swarm like this


Hed have to run zyx and dreamchaser and stuff before fealty would be worth it


Alright, I’m posting an updated decklist at the top. I ended up steering away from skywind glaives, but I could be convinced to drop war surge for them, maybe. I almost put in fealty instead of trinity oath, but I wanted the healing.


Yeah healing is good, skywind is still something kinda needed to win with a thicc swarm, but u can wait


Another update, because the old one was three cards short of a deck.


With such a thicc swarm, you will always reach. Replace s bloom for shrouds


2 shrouds, also remove 2 war surge for the 3 glaives, the deck is simply too weak without them


The most current version is very good imo. If you need dispel Ephemeral Shroud is best but pre-Mythron I had better luck with Repulsor Beast.

I preferred the Golem package over the staying power of Herald, found Lion and Shiro slightly too slow, War Surge less impactful than Warblade and ran Fealty over Legion/Oath. You have the advantage in terms of staying power theoretically, although I wonder if Legion is working out? Doesn’t your hand just get flooded with Crestfallen and nothing else?

It looks like a good deck to me. I used to doubt Glaives but it’s such an important finisher card that I kept returning to it.


He runs imo, he runs lions


I know? Why do you bring that up?


The point is that the combo of lion opener, plus holy imo is too strong to pass up, especially since he doesnt have enough damage and board clear as is