No "restore general's health" cards on expansion?


Hey guys, I’m the only one that miss cards about restoring life to your general? CP is releasing a lot of wonderful cards, but expensive ones. There’s no good pure healing card except elixir and earth sphere, and maybe this is the main problem for control decks why they can’t reach the very late game.

Do you miss new cards like this, or do you think that it’s fine right now?

PD: I know we haven’t seen half of the cards yet and maybe there’ll be a surprise, I’m just wondering about new archetypes.


You said it yourself. Anyway, healing is a very strong mechanic and I’d prefer if every faction didn’t have an easy access to it in form of a high quality neutral card. Mag has sphere but that’s about it, every other faction needs to work for it be that Abyss with Sisters, Songhai with 4W or whatever else there is.

Having a good healing card won’t necessarily bring up any new archetypes, it will just slow the game down and arguably do the opposite. I didn’t play then, but when Rejuv was 4 mana 4/4, heal for 4, wasnt it played as 3 of in every single deck? What control decks need is means to actually control the board.


Honestly, this has been something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit while deck building. With Emerald Rejuvenator’s nerf there aren’t really any reliable neutral healing card. While Rejuvenator can still be used as healing, giving health to your opponent is much, much worse in Duelyst than any other card game I’ve played. It’s potential downside outweighs its positives in almost any deck - even in control Vaath, a late-game deck that uses face a lot, I find it difficult to fit it in. I agree with you and I wish that we will see a new source of healing in Shimzar. Obviously it can’t be a card strong enough to fit in aggro decks, or we’ll start seeing it everywhere. Something with a higher cost - maybe something like a 6 mana 4/5 heal 6?

The only reliable heals in the game are, like you said, Elixer and Earth Sphere. Cards like Kelaino and Aymara are too dependant on board state or too situational to be considered reliable. I have to imagine that this isn’t a mistake and that Counterplay intends to limit healing options. One of Duelyst’s selling points is fast games and if every faction had access to reliable healing, the average game time would go up. While I personally don’t think that is a bad thing, it might not be the direction the developers want to take the game.


I think something like Emeral Reuljuvinator would be good but more lategame focus. Maybe like a Diamond Rejuvinator 7 mana 5/5 restore 7 health to both generals?

This would be a good way for classes without reliable healing to stall the game out for an extra turn or against aggressive decks.



Who are you and what did you do to rayqee???


In other news, yah ER heal yourself for 4 was in every deck, it was boring af. In addition, class heal has been nerfed somewhat. Sundrop was 0 mana, lightchaser used to be 3/1 heal general for 3. Heal has proven to be too powerful.

I personally think the faction heal effects we have right now are more than enough for their factions, although certain factions (vanar and vet) have been left out, and I would be quite happy to see that rectified. Vet I could see having no heal but more ‘prevent damage to general’ effects-- which they will be getting in shimzar as we know already. But vanar, for a faction with a lot of control elements, is very bad at protecting its face, and I could stand to see some cards that would shore that weakness up to support a true vanar control deck.


The problem is that Vanar remains thematically all over the place between aggressive and control elements, and simply put, as long as Kara is a thing, they CANNOT be allowed a strong healing option.

Quite frankly, it would not surprise me if the Vanar stuff doesn’t end up either overtuned due to Kara-surge or forced into nerfs later when everyone goes path of least resistance same as with shadow nova and so on.


I’d actually be really surprised if there isn’t a single healing neutral in the entire expansion. On the other hand Healyonar is getting some sweet cards so you can always experiment there.


They are a couple of decks in the game like Faie,Songhai and Vaath who over extended with damage and never get punish. Songhai is famous for just going big early with chakkri avatars and leaving factions with to little health real do anything and they we because they can find more damage before you can fully control of the board.

I want heal bot style minion horrible body but good healing.One good heal minion like that would enable factions to sustain after someone try burst down and have control decks in the game.


Checks expansion list for cards.
Not neutral (Lyonar) but Fiz can heal for 2. 2 health isn’t a lot but still counts.
For existing neutrals don’t forget Healing Mystic :smile:.

About having more healing neutrals would unfortunately cause Kara to become a greater problem. Healing would make rushing Kara even harder :frowning: