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No one ever posts Songhai lists here, so I will


I wanted to play a deck with Ki Beholder, because I love that card, so I tried to make a ranged Reva deck, and it was bad. Don’t try it. However, I still loved the card, so I decided to try making a midrange deck with Hamon and Zendo.

Kaleos over Reva is pretty self-explanatory, the teleport has been bonkers in this deck. Moving Gnashers for value, two backstabs in one turn, placing Hamon into battle pet AI range, etc.

As is typical with Songhai, Inner Focus is the MVP card in this deck thanks to Lantern Fox, and especially Gnasher.

Gnasher is really what pulled this deck together for me. I was running Dioltas for the first few games this morning, and then an opponent played a Gnasher on me, and I realized it has 3 attack. So then I replaced Dioltas for this poor mans version of Holy Immolation, and he’s been nothing but baller. Gnasher -> Inner Focus has killed so many Krons, his tokens, and deal 3 damage to my opponents face I’m not sure what I would do without him.

Lantern Fox really needs to pull a lot of weight in this deck, as I chose to not add any card draw. When Lantern Fox doesn’t get any value at all, I get a little shook. I find myself replacing Phoenix Fires as pseudo card draw quite often. He’s still an amazing creature though, and sometimes those Phoenix Fires just do their thing which is awesome, as always.

Ki Beholder messes with your opponents quite a lot, and I’ve noticed it helps to stop them grabbing mana tiles in the early game. In the late game it can stop a big minion from doing anything for a turn, which can be game winning. I really enjoy this card. Plus it just eats two drops all day.

Katara is just good. Not amazing, but good enough. Makes for some pretty nice plays when you’re Player 2. Gorehorn/Lantern Fox on the tile, into Katara. 1 drops are fun in Songhai.

Gorehorn is probably the worst card in the deck, but I haven’t decided what is better. I might play with Keshrai Fanblade, because it messes with a bunch of decks right now and works in the curve a little better.

Hamon is just awesome right now. He’s immune to dispel, and a 5 mana 8/8 is just good, as it kills Nimbus. The 2 damage is pretty lame, but it’s whatever.

Zendo is pretty fun too, and sets up lethal for me all the time. 16 damage Hamon?

Other cards like Juxta are just good with Backstab minions, KE is a lot of fun with Ki Beholder and Katara, and Jaxi is there because I’m playing KE.

Onyx Bear and Phoenix Fire are obvious, I hope.

Anyway, I pushed from rank 5-3 with it today, and if you ask the player who is worse than Kolos, NowayitsJ, he’ll tell you how bad I am, so if I can win in diamond with this deck, so can you.


“Anyway, I pushed from rank 5-3 with it today, and if you ask the player who is worse than Kolos, NowayitsJ, he’ll tell you how bad I am, so if I can win in diamond with this deck, so can you.”

I love you too <3


Looks like a pretty cookie cutter midrange kaleos with the exception of gnashers and arguably lack of draw. Not much to say about it really.


I can’t see why would you comment this mechless list tbh ;


So I also really love songhai and Kaleos and have been trying to make a midrange varient similar to this work. First off, Gnasher is genius ! I have’t tried yet but I can totally see how amazing this would be (wish I had thought of that :frowning: ) I also came to the same conclusion as you, that gore horn is not very good. But I am also split. On the one hand he is really strong when inner focused and/or killing edged. He is also a card that really requires an answer from your opponent. He pretty much always eats removal. I was playing around with sword of mechaz0r for awhile but I think Gnasher fills the same niche. Anyways, can’t wait to try tonight !


No one ever posts Songhai lists here, so I will

Maybe because most of them play meld Baconator OTK ?
Btw your deck seems a LOT more fun :slight_smile:


So then why comment? You comment on damn near every post, even when you have nothing of value to say. If there isn’t much to say about it, that doesn’t mean you should come in and say so. Go away.

Yeah, that is one reason for keeping him around, removal bait for Hamon. I tried Keshrai a few games and it was about the same, so I guess it comes down to preference.


Hey another Gnasher user! I pulled one in an orb a week or so ago and have been playing it in my Songhai AOE deck (with Sword of Mechazor and Beastmaster) ever since. The deck could use a couple more Inner Focuses (than 3), but it is indeed a lot of fun to play. Nobody expects a Makantor in a Reva deck. I basically stall with the rest of my deck using Ki Beholders and such until I have an Inner Focus and one of the above mentioned AOE minions. I never play them (replacing copies drawn) until I have an Inner Focus to play them with. No sense tipping my hand. So my deck “looks” like a control deck until the very last turn. But Gnasher with double Inner Focus into General or Beastmaster with Inner Focus and Saberspine Seal is an awesome lethal (not as powerful as Baconator obviously, but definitely more versatile).

Awesome list! I don’t have Zendos yet or I’d give it a whirl.


No need to get defensive. You posted a deck which isn’t particularly new or interesting so I just pointed it out. It’s not like you’re not aware of that fact. Gnasher is an interesting addon to the deck but I don’t think it’s enough to justify calling it different. And that’s perfectly fine, adding few new cards to the old decks post patch is also a vital part of deck building. I made a thread with the similar idea myself. Difference is I’m fully aware my deck doesn’t bring anything new to the table other than some minor improvements to it.


Difference is I’m fully aware my deck doesn’t bring anything new to the table other than some minor improvements to it.

This is what really bothers me about you. I didn’t claim my deck was game changing, nor did I even allude to it being good, so I’m not sure why you feel the need to come in here and say something. You did the same thing in my Lyonar deck.

If you don’t have anything to say to contribute to the conversation, don’t say anything.

Coming in and saying “This deck isn’t special” or some other variation of words you choose isn’t constructive. Keep it to yourself, because it’s distracting, and should be against the rules.


I like Gnasher in Songhai because he looks like a Songhai unit even being a neutral :smiley:


To be precise you posted this list here with the intention of showing it to people, being it for criticism or because you are proud of it, or because you think its a fun list to share. Raqyee gave you his opinion. You immediately reacted in a negative way, which is why he assumed you actually thought your list was gamechanging.

That being said, The use of Gnasher is quite cool, i wish i had the spirit to test this deck or some similar songhai list with onyx jaguar.


Ah, I wasn’t aware the forum rules had a clause where you can be a dick if you make an assumption on the OPs intention. I guess I’m out of line, here.


You can’t let passive-aggressive comments get to you man, especially when you know it’s from someone who has maaybe been commenting on the negative side of things lately. Just have to roll with it, reacting usually makes it worse.

I think I played against you yesterday when I was experimenting with bad lilith lists. Was quite surprised to see the gnasher though in that game it really didn’t make any difference. I’m still skeptical of its usefulness but maybe I’m too laser focused on how to deal with vetruvian right now.


His post wasn’t even rude, negative or anything, it just was a neutral opinion on the deck. I am outa here, this is way too offtopic.

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