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No need mobile version, only this


So my queen of a women got me a new phone one plus 6 8gb ram for my degree ceremony. since my old one was well… old and on the verge of death after my last tour.

Given that I tried to run dooli on the browser.
And it runs well, really well, a slight lag but nothing to concern yourself with.

The only problem - I don’t know about a way to adjust the screen size.

Explore it if you like, and if you got a way to optimize the screen please share with me here.


Try the “Desktop site” option enabled.


Umm well I guess i missed it


What browser do you use?
I tried using chrome with the “desktop site” enabled from the three dots at top right,
It kinda works but I have to swipe to navigate because it still doesn’t fit.
Maybe it’s a screen resolution thing, but I don’t know the case on your phone


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