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No more then three consecutive replies?


“No more then three consecutive replies?”

Has been an issue I am running into on the forums that did not used to be a problem. It means I wont be able to make a new master thread, and currently can not announce my stream plan on my stream thread.

Any idea why this is a thing now or if there is anything to be done about it?


I noticed that too. It’s super annoying.

There is one obvious way around it… but it’s not safe to talk here. PM me if you want to know.


Lol, make an alt and ta da :joy::joy:

I mean, we all know a certain poll maker does it in the form of a bot anyways, rite :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:



The walls have ears, fool! :wink:

What in the world are you talking about? EDIT: I actually did that by accident, but good idea!


@yaviey can probably help you because this seems like a forum setting.

You also could try to summon @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Reply hazy, try again


Not a great way to solve that problem though.


Huh I like it, easier then account cheesing.

Hum doesn’t seem to work with edits?


Ran into the same issue myself, am a little ashamed I didn’t think of discobot before though :sweat_smile:


It was just an idea of mine, I had never that problem. So, I don’t know how exactly to work around it.


Maybe this is just a new default setting in Discourse that can be changed. Now…who will do it?




I’ll let the Community team know about this and hopefully they’ll agree to changing the forum rules. Fingers crossed :wink:


It’s so nice to have you around! Thx!


I still wonder about that promised statement about the server problems last week.




It looks like it’s set up to default as 3. I’ve changed it to 10 for now but it looks like it has to contain a number of some sort. Let me know if you guys would prefer more or less.


While you’re at it, can you also raise the number of likes per day? Asking for a friend… :wink:


At ten it no longer serves as spam protection, so may as well alleviate any issues with an arbitrary high number of what ever it will accept like 99.

Thanks for stopping by and changing it, hopefully I can garner some attention at least once every ten posts :stuck_out_tongue: and ten is enough for a new big thread if I needed it.

Can always resort to account scumming if need be at this numbers far less of a hassle.

Again thanks for the change you made.