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No monthly boss battle thread anymore?

I wonder where the boss battle thread for December is.
I wasn’t super happy about abolishing the weekly boss battle threads but do we get at least the monthly one or did that also get removed because your “time is supposed to be allocated elsewhere”?

(Or am I so blind and can’t find it?)


Time to time, my friend.

They can’t keep making monthly threads for this game forever - the boss battle one isn’t the first to die.

They could create a script that automatically generates boss battle threads in ~30 min.

Not everyone would agree that’s worth their time. If I could bring any monthly thread back it would be top tippers or top 50



When your cm comes baring nothing

I’m not saying that they should prioritize boss battle threads.

I’m just saying that it’s pretty easy to make them, and the lack of monthly threads symbolizes the suspicion that no work is being done on this game at all.

get removed because your “time is supposed to be allocated elsewhere”

Lulll, the long standing defender of the current state of the game (that it is not ‘dead’, by their definition), is the first to raise pitchforks because of a lack of Boss Battle threads

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

With lack of a dev team and no news for a year, I’m surprised some still assume work IS being done.

Forums posts are the least of our concerns - we’ve all seen the bosses before

Game is not dead. These are two different things. And just because I defend the game on the one side, it is my right to ask for promised stuff.

And it is not “raising pitchforks” just asking for a statement and not to let this just slide into oblivion.


my right to ask for promised stuff

like the speculation of Q4 content the lead of CPG put forth as cited by so many others…

:rofl: :rofl:

it is not “raising pitchforks”

LOL, w/e that makes you sleep better babe

:kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

Not sure how you can compare these two because Q4 content seems to be something different than a forums thread about boss battles.
So we can compare their statements and the Q4 one was very carefully worded. If our CM had said “I have high hopes that we have a boss battle thread next month but can’t promise anything because of…” I would probably not be here to ask what’s up with the thread.
The same with the “We should be getting an official statement today” by SnakeintheEye about the last server snags. We didn’t get that one and I asked several times for it. No response but I asked.

They said something specific will happen and I try to get to that. I am not beating a dead horse like others do with Q4, Q4, Q4. Noone asked about the statement, noone asked for the boss battle thread. These are small things which are not too much to be asked for so I do. I didn’t demand anything, I didn’t attack anyone, I just asked.

I wonder what you will call me doing when I start insulting people and their lifes.


If you ever got to that point, I would be very surprised and sad.


Won’t happen I promise you :slight_smile:

And thanks for your trust in me!


I would be worried.


Time to make my own review of the boss then.

“Meet Solfist, an angry punchy guy who wants to hit you a bunch. Make sure not to die as he travels halfway across the board each turn to punch your facehole. If you live long enough, Solfist will asplode into a gazillion pieces, and will be unable to hit you like a meanie anymore.”


Sadly, we don’t have any coders here that could do that.

Nope, it wasn’t created. We didn’t have it in the project management system and it slipped my radar to remind. Basically, it was an accident. While I understand any frustration this may have caused, please don’t read too much into this or attack the messenger.


Thanks for your answer. I am looking forward to the January edition.

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